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Saturday, September 29, 2007

~Meal Planning E-book~

As I mentioned before I'm making the Free meal planning e-book for my readers. The sign up is now to get your free copy when it becomes available in a few weeks. If you do not sign up by Tuesday, you will not get a copy of the e-book.


List will be closed at midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning. Thanks and sign up! (I also reserve the right to refuse a copy to anyone I choose, especially if you are some of the ones who have left criticisms).

  • I have been insulted from a few people who have said its impossible to feed a family of 3 on $80 a month. Well you can ask my family, and I it. I'm not alone in this, the critics also criticized "The Economides" family (America's Cheapest Family). Oh well.....we are saving the money and others are scoffing......who is really winning here? LOL

  • I don't use coupons or shop store ads either (just now starting too), I go to one store and buy all my grocery items there. (It was Walmart but now that Winco opened, I go there). I'm sure if I started doing the coupon thing and shopping store ads, maybe I would save more money? I might try it out on my next month's meal planning, which will be October's. I shop from the 2nd tuesday of each month and get all I need till the 2nd Tuesday of the next month.

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Christine said...

Awww, I just found your site, I miss everything, lol. Well look forward to reading more, thanks.

Christian Homekeeper said...

No worries, that e-book was actually made available to everyone and you can download it here:


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