Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I got a few things for the house and thought I would share with ya'll how its looking so far. I slipcovered the couch and 2 wing chairs so they all would match! I got "Sable" and I really love the color. Then I got a few decor items and waiting on my custom made curtains to arrive when the seamstress is done making them! They will be dark burgundy and tan plaid.....the country homespun pattern.

So here is the living room (the room I'm starting with). I need some pillows and plan on making them myself.

I bought this small "rug" for my coffee table and seen it used with candles on it and/or coasters, I love it and plan on getting the large rug for the kitchen.

The next picture is above my windows and its a cute primitive country garland with saltbox houses and sheep and the Folk Art block in the middle along with homespun fabric bows. I can't wait to see how it will look with my curtains below it!

I bought this shelf, it is dark green and real wood with a quilt rack. I don't have enough knickknacks yet to fill it up, so I threw some old books on there and a candle and photo lol. Hopefully for Christmas, hubby is going to buy me an electric fireplace that will go below the shelf on the floor. It looks like this.

I also bought this cute angel topped candle holder:

This is the border I bought to put around the living room and hope to get it up soon! (notice it matches my slipcover that it is laid out on!) ; )

I got 2 dinnerware sets, one in Country Blue Speckle and the other in Mustard Yellow Speckle, they are heavy too and I love them, here is a picture of the cups:

Also I added a few things to my "Virtual Yard Sale" blog for sale, so you can check that out here:

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mom211911 said...

I love your new decor!I also plan on doing some primitive country decorating.
Your coffee mugs are almost the exace same pattern as the new dishes I just recieved.
Thank you for sharing the pictures!Have a blessed day!

Katy said...

oh, everything looks fantastic!!! I love it all!!! :) have a great thursday!

The British Lady said...

It is looking good. That is what I am wanting to do. Change the decorating scheme in my house. I am just not sure what to do.

Shalene said...

Hi Bev, I like your decorations. Maybe I'll have some time to do something nice like this, now that I don't have to deal with morning sickness. One good thing to come of the trials recently. LOL. I know there are more good things that have come of them, this is just one. LOL. I don't know if you know all that has gone on in my household lately, but anyway. You can catch up on my blog, if you have time. If not, that's ok too. Gotta get off here now, and go do some things around the house. Blessings to you sister. Forever In Him, Shalene

Anonymous said...

I really like how you are decorating your home. I love the country look and am always looking for new ideas for my home. The rug on the coffee table with the candles....that is pretty neat.

Paula said...

It looks very nice!!


Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks mom211911, Katy, the British lady, Shalene, anonymous and Paula for your comments!! =)

Shelley said...

Your new primitive look is coming together great. Its looking so good. I have always liked the primitive style.There is a website called "The Country House" at, they have the neatest primitive items. You may want to go see.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Shelley!

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