Sunday, January 13, 2008

Revival at NTCC

We are still in Revival and its going to continue on through this week!! :) I'm having such a good time and God has really done a work in me and my husband's life through each night's message. Pastor has been preaching the Revival and I wanted to share a little bit about what our service's are like by walking you through a regular service through my eyes. I actually wrote this in Oct. 2006 but it still fits:

What does it feel like to attend a service at NTCC, New Testament Christian Church, in Graham, WA? It is a wonderful experience. From the moment you pull up, you see all the brothers and sisters walking inside. I get an excitement beating in my heart and anticipation for what is going to happen during service. Then as I walk in and say hello to fellow brothers and sisters, there is a loving spirit about it all. Knowing we are going to be in Heaven together one day and that others are also walking and living HOLY and obeying all that the Bible commands and not making excuses to fit their "self."

Then as you walk in you most of the time will see the Pastors and others greeting you or giving you a smile that says "Good to see you again." Try to make it to your seat without someone saying hello has not happened to me yet. Most of the time I will be talking all the way to find a seat and its wonderful to see others that are excited about service also.

Eventually I get a seat and wait for service to begin. Then once I see whoever it is that is starting service that night come to the pulpit to begin, a rush of excitement floods over me once again. We stand and praise God most of the time first, and I let God know how wonderful it is to be in his Church and among his people and came expecting something great tonight!

Then we start the singing........I try and put all I have into the words and praising God with song. Then the choir may sing or whatever and then the preaching begins. As the preacher begins and brings his message to us, my soul begins to get "fed" so to speak with God's word and what he is touching my heart with that very moment. To hear the word of God preached with POWER and someone who is living it, is wonderful! To hear a preacher who does not cower to what others will think or will he offend anyone but preaching in season and out of season..........the word of God.

Then comes the altar call, where I pray with what God has been dealing with me during the service about. I praise him and thank him for all he has done in that service.

Then we dismiss and leave. On the way out I fellowship with others and a lot of times we stand outside or in the entryway enjoy the fellowship of one another. It is hard to leave sometimes because I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. On the drive home, I think to myself how wonderful to be part of God's Church. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I'm highly antipating Tuesday night's is going to be a wonderful time!

We have NTCC's across the USA and also in other countries, you can search and find out if one is in your area by going here:

Then enter either USA or Overseas and then the State and a list will come up of available churches.
If you live in the Puyallup, Tacoma, Seattle or Graham area of WA state, how about coming to a service with ME? Email me and set it up! ( Don't miss out!!! I've been with this church for almost 10 years and I can testify to the fact that God is there and the people are real and have a heart for God!

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Sharon said...

Sounds a lot like our services. It's wonderful to see and feel the love of our brothers and sisters in Christ! But better yet to feel Christ's Love!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

So true, the family of God is the best family there is! =0

Anonymous said...

God is not found in just a particular church, God is in each believer, whether it is NTCC or any other church.

Where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them Jesus said.

It's not a church building or denomination, it's each true believer.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Hello anonymous, not sure what your comment was in reference to because no where in my post did I mention anything as you are referencing to. It seems as though you sound a bit bitter about something, not sure what because I don't know who you are.

The church is the family of believers; Christians. We gather together in a building, which is called a Church to worship our God. I choose to follow the Biblical mandates as set up by God in His word to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together and the much MORE as we see the day approaching (of Christ's return). Since we are seemingly in the last days, we should congregate much more often to stay strong in our faith as the Bible instructs.

I love my church simply because it is a group of believers with the same purpose: to follow all of God's instructions in His Holy Word that he has given us to style our lives after. I choose to not omit anything that my Lord and Saviour has written for me to help me have a more abundant life here below and then a glorious one in Heaven hereafter.

Your comment made no sense but only gives a perception that you are in the gall of bitternes over something that a church may hold or the meeting together of believers. In response to what you said, God is found in a church that follows Him and preaches His complete truth from His Word. I can't say that most churches today hold the Bible as their sourcebook but rather make excuses for things they would rather do than forsake all for Christ. My post was praising God for a church that preaches truth through salvation and a life of sanctification through the Holy Spirit of the Almighty God and stands strong on the principles and morality of the Bible, not omitting any thing that is pertinent to our lives today.

May you search your heart for your motivation and intent for your comment. Also be advised, I don't accept any comments with a debate-style or criticism.


Anonymous said...

hey!!!! awesome cool page!! God bless you! cant wait to tell you that i found your page but i will the next time i see you you may not know me so i'll send a link to a pic :P but I'm sister Debbie.. or little sister Debbie anyway cool page! well gota get finish getting ready for soul winning bye

Christian Homekeeper said...

Hey Sis, thanks for the comment! :)


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