Thursday, July 17, 2008

Organizing my Daughter's Closet

My daughter is growing way too fast!  She went from a size 11 shoe to a 12.5 seemingly overnight.  I had to go replace a lot of shoes this week because of the growth spurt.  She also is growing out of her dresses, some of my favorites too!  : (  I'm buying her fall/winter clothes and its almost done!  She still has some things leftover from last year that will work this year too.

I organized her clothes, one section for dresses/outfits and the other for skirts, then tops, sweaters and jackets.  She wears a lot of tights...I love the stripes, designs, etc and how they dress up an outfit!  So I made her a drawer just for her tights lol.  I know, I know.......but hey it is my first girl and it is FUN to dress them up!  While it lasts anyway......  I also did a drawer for her scarves and gloves.

Here are a few photos of the organizing I did today:


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Toni said...

Everything looks really nice!!Your daughter is so lucky to have all of those clothes!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, good for you!!


Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Toni and Twocans!! :)

Toni..she is lucky because she is the ONLY grandbaby on BOTH sides and the only great grandbaby on my side! Talk about spolt!


~~Deby said...

Wellll...since I *KNOW* that sweet little girl of yours..I think she always looks so her mom....girls should be girls..

Christian Homekeeper said...

You mean girls shouldn't be boys? What a concept! hehe :) Thanks Deby!


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