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Friday, September 26, 2008

First Month with Cash Crate

After watching so many get paid large amounts with Cash Crate, I decided to try it out.  You have to earn at least $10 to get a check, so that was my plan.  I earned $10.53 in a few days and then waited for the month to end and my check to be sent.  I got my check today!  It sure does feel good to know that by filling out a few forms and signing up for a few free newsletters....I earned some money!  I plan on trying to make at least $10 every month and enjoying this little extra!  You can earn more, many regularly get anywhere from $50-100 a month but I just do the free offers.

I covered up my personal information for privacy.  If you want to try out Cash Crate, click on my link below so they will know I referred you!  

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