Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poll Results: Where you live do you:

The poll "Where you live do you:" has ended and here are the results:

8 (23%)
Owe a lender
18 (52%)
Own (paid in full)
8 (23%)

I just want to give out a *virtual* clap of praise to the 8 people who OWN their home! That is awesome!! We currently rent a home and thought of buying but we would guarantee our money if we just saved while renting, then taking a gamble on having equity in a home (especially during this current economic situation). If we had planned to live in Washington state forever, I guess we probably would have bought a home by now, but we don't plan on staying here. I just wanted to see what percentage of my readers actually own or have a mortgage and it is well over half combining both. Thanks for all who participated.

I had planned on several posts on my yard sale and frugal blog this week but something came up, so hopefully next week I can get those up and going!

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Candy-Faith said...

I applaude those who own their home too. Especially if they are young because its usually the older, established married couples that own their home out right. But those who are young and figured out how to pay off a house mortgage early are wise beyond their years.
My husband and I have a plan to pay off ours in 5 years or less and I cant wait to be officially "debt free" because even though we have no debts beside the mortgage, I still cant say were totally debt free till we get the house paid for. Im glad we dont have a car payment or credit cards or university or loans or anything though. I dont know how many people manage with so many bills. Having a house mortgage is enough for me LOL

Christian Homekeeper said...

I think a mortgage is probably different than most debt because you have to have a place to live. You either pay a landlord or a bank, unless you own your own home. I hope you do get your home paid off soon, that will be less interest you have to pay! ;)

Congrats on being debt free in the other areas!! You are far ahead of the Average person in North America!


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