Thursday, May 28, 2009

Simplifying the Home

We have made the decision to simplify our lives.  It seems that stuff has taken over and things are robbing our time that just aren't that important in the span of things.  I started taking steps towards this direction when we bought furniture.  I planned out what I needed and bought things with storage compartments so we could keep things tidy and organized and out of sight.  Then I knew I wanted bookcases for my books, because that is something that is useful.

I bought a very large dining table for the purpose of using it for my sewing, crafts, projects and daughter's homeschool.  It will serve many purposes and even if we need to leave a project there, we can still have a large portion of the table open to eat on!  The table can also be shortened if we ever needed to do that.

Now I have moved to our office/den/play/exercise room and trying to figure out ways to make it work better for us.  I first bought myself a simple desk for my computer and to do home management.  It has really helped already!  Then today I tackled the closet and found upon cleaning most of it out - that I have no where to put the items lol.  So I'm having to just put them back in the closet!  Frustrating!  However, there is something I have decided to let go of....

Magazines!  I have saved almost every magazine I have received from 2002!  I'm not joking!  I have boxes, bins and bookshelves full of magazines.  There was something in me that couldn't bare for them to go and I'm not sure why.  I made the decision today to let them go.  I'm going to go through some of them and cut out articles, tips, recipes I wanted to keep and then they are going in the freebie pile for my yard sale this Summer!  It's going to be a big one and we are already planning it out and another family is joining us in the sale - it will feel good to purge the stuff.

I'm going to be doing some more posts on Simplifying the Home and what I have learned through reading and also ideas I've come up with to make life work better.  Another inspiration has been my friend, Candy.  She is probably the most simple person I know!  You can visit her blog here:

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Candy-Faith said...

:) Yeah, Im pretty simple LOL I like the simple minimal life.

I hope you do lots of before and afters, its so fun to see those!

Christian Homekeeper said...

I do plan on doing pictures of the organization things I've come up with and maybe more. Thanks Candy! :) ~Bev

British Lady said...

hiya sis, oh my, i woke up this morning telling my husband this same thing. I am tired of clutter. I want to just get boxes and start getting rid of things. Magazines I also love. Well I am going to start to do something about it. I will pray for you and you pray for me and together with prayer we can get this accomplished.

twocans1 said...

I too don't like junk. Most of my mags I will only keep 2-3 mos and clip out what I want before tossing. I don't like things out of place! Good for you, summer clean up!

Christian Homekeeper said...

British Lady - hey! Been a while, good to see you again. That sounds like a plan and I just prayed for you and thank you for the prayers as well! ;)

Twocans - Thank you for the comments. I hope to be able to go through magazines when they come in the mail and cut out what I want to keep and then toss them within a month, that would be great!


Crissy said...

Oh Bev, can you come by my house when you are done? lol I long for simple-ness, but my husband is a stuffaholic! :) I love him anyway, but at times it can be challenging. ha ha I used to have piles of mags lying around and then I'd flip through and couldn't remember why I kept them in the first place. Now, as I go through it the first time if I see an article or recipe that I want to keep or revisist later I tear it out. I have a binder with page protectors in it, so they just slip right in there. Also, if I don't see anything in a magazine that I want to tear out I will pass them along to a couple friends whom I know don't subscribe to that particular one. I love the simplifying-organizational posts! Keep 'em comin'!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for the comment Crissy and I do that also with the page protectors! However, right now I just have a drawer with magazine clippings that need to be put into the page protectors lol.

I hope to do more of these posts!


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