Friday, January 30, 2009

Feed "Possible" Change

I'm converting my feedburner feed over to the new google feed, since google bought feedburner. If you don't get an email the next few days, you will know that the email program no longer works. I'm not sure what is going to happen when I switch over, but we will see!

Feed address is now:

I've also changed my email subscription box on the right sidebar, but for those of you already signed up, it should direct your feed to the new feed with no problems! Let me know if there are any problems, thanks.

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Printable February 2009 Calendar Reminder

In case some of you missed the February calendar, here it is for free for you to print! : )  Enjoy and happy planning!

February 2009 Calendar                                                                                                                                   

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Child's Room HELP!

Ok, so here is my dilemma......I want to have my daughter's room nice and simple but because she is the only Grand baby and Great Grand baby on both sides of the family, she gets a lot of gifts lol. We rarely buy her anything because she has too much. (insert ~ we did not buy all of this, only 10% is from us) I don't want to throw away any of the toys because we plan on having 5 children, and could use the toys again (it is blessing actually!). Also, I've already removed the toys that are too young for her and they are in storage, YET she still has so many toys, we recently had to move several into the spare bedroom. She has a walk-in closet and in there we have her clothes dresser, a huge toy box and more toys and stuffed animals.

I have put a BAN on anymore stuffed parents know if they send one more, that's it, they will be dis communicated LOL =0 The poor net is so heavy, its coming out of the wall.

How do I organize this further?? I've done what I could with what we had but there has got to be a way to conceal the toys. I saw on Deby's blog some nice cabinetry style bookcases and hope to find something like that, so that way you wouldn't see all the toys.

I did find a good idea for all her shoes though! I got a shoe organizer for the back of her closet door and it works great! It was just $8 too, you can find it here.

Tell me what you think........any ideas? Wish we had another room that could just be the playroom, but for now she has a corner of the spare bedroom for her large toys.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blogging Break

I'm taking a blogging break and don't expect it will be for more than a few days.  I had 2 new opportunities come my way for my weight loss blog and I plan to be overhauling my blog there and conquering this weight loss finally!  I have successfully gone 27 days without fast food and in a few days I will have conquered that addiction!  I'm starting my exercise and diet program and really excited about it.  I'm "thinking" about doing my videos again that I used to do but not sure on that yet.

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The Verdict is Out

Here are the results to the question:

"What say you? Do you take birth control pills?"

4 (13%)
26 (86%)
0 (0%)

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How Should a Woman Dress?

Take 45 minutes and take a listen, this preacher is right on target when it comes to Woman's dress:,%20Tracts%20&%20Preaching/Audio%20Sermons/Dr%20Jeff%20Owens/a_ladies_dress_code04-16-99.rm

You will need real player to play the sermon. Well Golly Gee what do you know, he ain't even from NTCC and he even knows what the Bible says and how a woman should dress! Kudos to preacher's that have the GUTS to be instant in season and out of season and preach the Word of God! God give us more men like this!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Stimulus package = Sterilization Package?

I encourage everyone to go over and read James McDonald's post about what Nancy Pelosi said in an interview with ABC news. I'm quiet appalled at it and it quickly drove me to prayer! She basically said money is going to go to "family planning" also known as abortion services because the cost of children is just too much. Let's sum it all up:

Children take too much money......let's just help everyone get rid of them by not having them and killing them when they conceive in us.

UGH! The whole mentality of child prevention (even in some Christian circles) is so appalling to me that makes me just want to have that much more babies lol. =0 If for some reason we are unable to have children in the future, I do plan on adopting and have talked it over with my husband. Jesus loved children, guess I'm like my Father and you are like yours!

He also shared in Japan, how child prevention has actually HURT their economy and now they encouraging people to go home and make babies! How opposite of us huh? You can read that story here:

Also don't forget that the inventor of birth control pills said basically that he created this "catastrophe" because there are less children per married couple now more than ever!

Is this God's plan? When did he say "stop being fruitful and please stop multiplying"? I can't find that anywhere, maybe I don't have the current modern version of the Bible and its missing from my old fashioned KJV. Hmm.....well, I didn't get the memo, so forward it to me if you can!

Here is the question that I pose for you:

Who would want to stop families from being? Who want to halt future generations/offspring of Godly parents? Is it God? If not, then just whom? Who is behind this mentality and this liberal agenda of disposing of human life? Stop and think about that and chew it on it for a while and maybe you can come to the same conclusion we have and then maybe not. We could be wrong I guess......I've been wrong before but I just have a hunch who it is lol.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Hair Care 101; Hair Products

Here is the list of products I use or have used and that I recommend! I will also be doing a post on Hair Tools, which will show the combs, hair dryers, irons, etc.


  • Finesse Volumizing Shampoo - I love this stuff!
  • Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo - I use this only to remove buildup once every 2 weeks (twice a month usually)


  • Finesse Moisturizing Conditioner

Leave-in Conditoners:

  • Garnier Fructis Sleek n' Shine leave in conditioner - this is my miracle product! I've used it for about 2 years now and love it. For the first few months after my perm in 07, this is all I used on my hair! I would wash my hair and then put in the leave-in and let it air dry.


    • Suave Sculpting Gel - I use level 10, but have tried 8 and 9 in the past. It is alcohol free and inexpensive and works great! It doesn't flake either.


    • John Freida FrizzEase Moisture Barrier Hairspray - don't use too much, it holds very well but if you use too much there is no going back unless you wash it out lol
    • Suave Max hold #8 Hairspray - Light and you don't have to worry about using too much; it works good on taming flyaways


    I started out using the coconut oil in the ethnic hair care section, called Blue magic. I used this for years and it worked well. I then saw it was not plain coconut oil but also had petrolatum in it, so I stopped using it and started using Louana 100% coconut oil from Wal-mart and it works great and its cheap too!

    • Louana Coconut Oil - the kind you buy in the grocery aisle! Take some in your hands and rub together until it emulsifies and turns from a solid to a liquid oil, then apply to hair. I coat my hair once a month and put it in a bun and then wash it out the next day or a few hours later. You can also put it on just the ends lightly before curling your hair.
    • Blue Magic Hair Conditioner - works better for ethnic/women of color because it has petrolatum in it along with the coconut oil.

    Heat Protectant:

    • got2b crazy sleek, hot smooth, flat iron and blow dry lotion - you use this after you towel dry your hair if you plan on using heat on your hair. I've only used it a few times and noticed it actually helps hold curl too!
    • Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray - I absolutely love this stuff! Not only does it smell so good, it makes my hair softer and protects against heat damage from my flat iron. When I curl my hair with my flat iron, this causes it to hold the curl more then without. I highly recommend it.

    Hair Serum/Shine Products:

    • Citre Shine Colour Prism Glossing Gelle - My Favorite! I love this stuff! It smells like citrus and then gives you a wonderful shine. I mostly use it when I wear my hair curly (what's left of my curly perm). I mix it in the palm of my hand with my Garnier leave-in cream and then apply to my hair from the shoulders down to the ends.
    • got2b Dazzling Shine Spray - It's light because its a spray, so you can slowly add it on where needed. I like that it gives a more even coverage then if you put shine serum on your hand. I use this when I straighten my hair (sometimes, depending on how dry it looks) and also when I hot roll my hair or use a curling iron to create curls. Get ready for silky hair! ; )

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    Free Printables for the Homekeeper

    Click on the link below for printables to just about everything for the homekeeper!

    Thanks to Amanda for the link! ; )

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    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    From the Mailbag; College

    Q. Do you think its ok to let our children take college classes?

    Well, I myself and my husband both take online college courses, so I couldn't tell my daughter she can't when she gets 18! After she finishes high school, and if she is still living with us and hasn't got married.....I plan on allowing her to do online college courses if that is what she wants to do. Once she becomes married, its up to her husband because he will be her head. However, she will be taught what the Bible says is a woman's role: keeper at home, bearing children and loving her husband.

    I'm not against sending your child to school either, as long as its Christian or a private one. I'm not a big fan of the public school system. My personal conviction is you should either homeschool them or if you can afford it, send them to a nice private school, preferrably Christian. However, I don't think someone is not right with God if they send their children to public school. To each his own and you may have some personal convictions that we don't share and vice versa.

    There are things in the Bible that are clear and all must obey, but you can't legislate righteousness as has been preached so many times. Like for person may feel its wrong to have the internet and for them it may be. (I know of some who still call it sinnernet) To another, it may not be an issue at all. Internet is not in itself sinful but there are sinful things on there and its up to YOU to hit the brakes and not allow it to cause you to sin or become something that is put before God, etc.

    Anything can become a sin! Reading can become a sin, sewing can become a sin, shopping can become a sin, etc.......if you put it before God! It's not the activity persay as it is the mindset and what you let have priority in your life. God is a jealous God and he won't allow something else to take His place or be more important than him if you are Christian. You will know when its time to hit the brakes and back off something. At least I do.....many times I've backed away from my blog or the internet because it was becoming a stronghold. It is not how much time you spend on is when you let it be numero uno in your life that you cross the line.

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    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    White House Website, Blog and YouTube Channel!

    I love technology and was suprised to see a new look on the website today and a *gasp* BLOG!!! Not only that but as I was reading the White House blog, I noticed youtube videos of which lead me to the new youtube channel! How kewl is that?

    From what I read on the website, he wants his Presidency to be the most transparent and accountable administration in American history. I think that is good, at least we will know what he is doing, even though we may not agree with it lol. =0

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    Keepers at Home

    Whew! Somebody just told it like it was!

    Disclaimer: I don't agree with other teachings of the above church, but he sure told it like it was when it comes to the roles of men and women! I'm thankful for people that have the guts to stand up for what's right in today's society!

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    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    First Day in Office Agenda?

    What else but fund foreign abortions?

    Forget about having a family today! Who wants kids? Who wants to be punished with a baby? I mean we have a life after all! I don't want a kid imposing on "my" life and what "I" want to do! I don't care if God said to be a keeper at home AND bear children, I do my own thing.

    Of course I'm being facetious above, but that seems to be sound we hear in America today quite often! I guess in a way maybe some good can come out of it. I mean think of all these people that are like that, its probably a good thing they aren't reproducing eh? Still wrong but whatever.

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    Our Personal Convictions; Part 1

    I'm supplying this information to back up with evidence what we believe about the issue. The intent is meant to show the "why" we believe what we do. We hold life sacred, in case you haven't noticed, this is a Christian website!

    My husband and I have certain personal convictions that we don't force on anyone else but are things we got from the Holy Spirit leading and guiding us over the years. I'm not entirely sure where my church stands on these issues as I have never heard them addressed in a service but maybe they have been, I don't know? Either way, we practice these things and hold them to be true. With that said......I hope to make this as plain as possible so we don't have to go over this every time I mention these things on this blog and have people jump to conclusions and categorize us into their little box lol.

    Issue #1 Birth Control

    We are against Birth Control pills. I think they are a device of abortion. Medical Science has shown that they probably do not prevent a pregnancy but rather STOP one from continuing on by not allowing the already conceived embryo to implant on the uterine wall. (60% of women have silent abortions with the pill in a given month! - how many babies do you think you have killed? Will you find out when you stand before God and tell him you didn't know those pills killed those children!?) I've done my research and even without the research......I have no doubts that God guided us against these. This also includes other forms such as IUD's, etc. DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE! It's lack of knowledge that is the enemy here.

    The American Society of Reproductive Medicine confirms that the pill causes abortions:

    Here is a free pdf of the book "Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortion" and shows the medical science:

    I highly recommend this one:

    Another great one that lists several other sources at the end:

    Don't believe me, listen to the doctors:

    Not a big enough doctor for you? How about the Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at George Washington University Medical Center?

    I don't want to take the chance that I murdered an already conceived embryo. That is not an area I want to be near, rather I would be far away from it. Can you imagine standing before God seeing all your children that you killed? I can't bear the thought that I had the control over the situation and actually took the pill that killed them.

    What about other types of birth control? Yes, we believe you should not have children if it isn't in God's timing. I believe you should seek God's direction for your life. If you are just having babies without using the wisdom of God and then making other people pay for it (welfare) then how can you say you are right before God? Why would God approve of you living off the government, i.e. other people's money? If it is OF GOD, then he will supply ALL your needs.

    So what type of birth control do we believe in. You can find them listed here, scroll to the bottom for those. You may say, well I can't get pregnant because of this and this. For starters, we have been married for almost 9 years and have 1 child. HELLO! The other safe methods do work folks lol. ; ) If you have something wrong in your body and medically you shouldn't get pregnant, first off pray......God will guide his children. Then you might have to get sterilized(depending on the severity of the situation) or stop having intercourse for a time (only when both parties are in agreement according to the Bible). But you can't say birth control pills would prevent your pregnancy and it isn't a valid argument to use them.

    What about a woman who is on a medication and can not get pregnant during that time? Well, do you know how many babies are born even while a woman is taking birth control? Some babies make it through the pills, so you still have a chance on the pill. The approved methods that I linked to above, if you combine several of those at once, you have a better chance of not conceiving and staying safe, then with the pill! I for a time was on medication and I was advised to not get pregnant and be on birth control. However, I did not go on birth control, I prayed and believed God and kept doing what we have been doing and all was ok!

    WHEW! That's a lot to swallow huh? It's a lot for me to write it but I figured its no big secret and you may have personal convictions that me and my husband don't share but I still love you, so hope you return the favor!

    BOTTOM LINE: Ask yourself this question and really think about it:

    Would God approve of a pill that has a significant chance of killing an already conceived embryo/fetus?

    Related Posts:
    Inventor of Birth Control Pills Now Calls it a Catastrophe
    A Woman's Role

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    Monday, January 19, 2009

    Opinions Please!!

    Please either vote in the poll (poll is closed) or comment here. Which set up looks better as far as position of the furniture? Ignore the blue bottles on top of the bookcase and imagine setup 1 without the fish tank.

    Setup 1

    Setup 2

    Thanks ahead of time for all the feedback!

    Poll results:

    Setup 1
    6 (37%)
    Setup 2
    10 (62%)

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    Some Food for Thought........

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    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Free Suave until Midnight Tonight!

    You have until midnight EST to get your free bottle, go here to sign up:

    Thanks Linda for the tip for this giveaway! ; )

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    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Inventor of Birth Control Pills Now Calls it a Catastrophe

    Really amazing what I just read! I guess I would regret making a pill that prevented families from being formed also and even killed fetus' without the woman ever knowing or sometimes even knowing. I mean, children are a joy and bring happiness. The Bible is full of verses telling us this and telling us how God views them as a blessing and a heritage. God is pro-children by the way! ; )

    It is sad that to think that some would rather be selfish and live their lives and have "their" time and prevent what they consider being "punished with a baby" as Obama put it a few months ago. (Not that all that do so are as such but "generalizing" here) Reminds me of what Pastor Kinson shared this weekend with the "me, my and I". Having a child makes one less selfish, that I learned from experience! I never knew how full of myself I was until my daughter came into my life and I was responsible for another life. You start to put your mind on others more than yourself.

    So sad that the 'don't have children because they are inconvenient' mentality is so prevalent in our society today. So many children also need to be adopted and need homes and most importantly need to be loved . So very sad......God help us.

    You can read the story here:

    Here is a more in-depth article:

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    Free Printable Calendar ~ February 2009

    I was doing my meal planning and made my calendar for February, so figured I would go ahead and post it ahead of time for those that like to plan a bit early! ;) Enjoy!

    February 2009 Calendar

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    Monday, January 12, 2009


    I had a lot of posts planned but last week got away from flew by!  We have been doing more with my daughter's pre-school homeschool and working on getting her to read.  She finally mastered counting and now counts to 100 and with help to 200 lol.  I'm really tired of counting!  hehe  Seriously.....we count in the car, we count when we get ready, she wants to count on the way home from church, its like ok, that's enough counting!!  AHHH!!

    I find that homeschooling requires greater levels of patience then I thought but we are making it through (me and aspirin that is!).  Seriously, it is so worth it to know that I taught her these things, it is a very rewarding feeling that you just can't get sending them off to school (at least I don't think so). 

    That and reading myself has kept me busy and I hardly turn the computer on anymore it seems.  I have email piling up and sometimes it feels like a burden to sift through the emails!  I'm talking about 'junk' mail that I get, not from you all or friends/family.  I did sign up for all the newsletters, so its not like I didn't ask for it! 

    We had family night tonight and went out to eat and then looked at some spring clothes for my daughter and then last stop was reading books at the bookstore.

    I'm not sure if I will be on this week, because I'm doing my meal planning for the month and that is a task in itself!  I also started reading my new Bible, the Reese Chronological Bible and I must say it is wonderful! I like how it has an index in the front (basically a detailed timeline of the Bible), it is very useful!

    Hope you all are well! :)  On another note.....I haven't had any fast food this year at all!  That is my "new" challenge: No Fast Food in January and so far so good.  Fast Food to me is places like McD's, BK, Taco Bell, etc.  I don't consider Panda Express, Subway and other places like that fast food.  I even drove past McD's today and it was weird....normally just seeing the golden arches make my mouth water, but I actually got sick at my stomach thinking about their greasy burgers LOL.  Now that was weird!  12 days and counting and I've almost conquered a goal for this year!  Now if I could just get to exercising and speed up this weight loss, I would be doing better hehe.

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    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    "The Duggars: 20 and Counting"

    This is the second night that I have been up reading a lot! You can't give me 15 books for my birthday and expect me to sleep can you!? hehe I read a few people's goals this year and most of them said read anywhere from 10 to 20 books this year. I was like what!?!? I read that in a month LOL!!! I guess I'm a fast reader (?) or maybe its because I read in the car at red lights and read when dinner is cooking or when I'm stirring the soup, etc. I read other places to, but you get the just.

    Anyway, I'm almost done reading one of the books I got: "The Duggars: 20 and Counting" and I must say its a wealth of wisdom! I've cried reading their story and felt my heart touched by God reading it. The tips they share and the recipes are wonderful! I like a comment that Jim Bob Duggar shared:

    "Obey God, understand later"

    In my life, if only I would have followed the above, I would have not had so many headaches trying to figure everything out! For instance, why did God tell me "now" was the ok time to have children again and then I get pregnant and lose them? The quote above is one I'm putting to practice and trusting God in. I trust God and he will never lead us wrong and he knows what I can't see!

    I never knew their background until I started reading the book the other night. She had been on birth control pills and actually got pregnant while on them and then had a miscarriage. The doctor determined it was the birth control pills that killed the babies (she had twins). My heart literally dropped when I read that. Years ago, God touched my heart to not take birth control pills because of the risk involved. I just didn't want to live with knowing that I could possibly be taking the pill that would kill a fetus. There are other methods we use (not getting into detail!) of ways to prevent a pregnancy but taking a pill that would actually risk killing a fetus if one had actually thanks! But that is just my conviction and I have friends who take the pills and that is on them, not me.

    So she lost the first set of twins because of the birth control pills and the story goes on and then God blessed them again with a set of twins after that failed pregnancy! That gave me so much hope, seeing how I lost mine also a few months ago.

    A recipe they shared in the book was called "Poor Man's Pizza". It is basically putting pizza sauce and cheese on bread and baking them. Now, I grew up with this but had no idea it was called Poor Man's Pizza LOL! We had some rough times growing up when my dad would get laid off, and I remember those bread pizzas and the bologna sandwiches and in the hardest of times, I remember soup beans and cornbread! (I actually like soup beans and cornbread and don't consider it "now" a just-for-hard-times meal!)

    I can't wait to finish the book and will probably have it finished tomorrow or Sunday! I've already used a few of the recipes out of it too using what I had on hand as you can see in my last post: Cheesy Tuna Mac

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    Wednesday, January 7, 2009

    Cheesy Tuna Mac (Frugal and Fast)

    We had an extra week in the pay period this month, but I only got enough grocery money for 4 weeks and had to make that feed us for 5 weeks! Today was busy and I needed something to throw together quickly. Milk was gone (except for about an ounce) and I just couldn't seem to find something to make without thawing our food from storage or cooking beans for 3 hours.

    Luckily, I had remembered a recipe from a book I got for my birthday yesterday: "The Duggars: 20 and Counting". I quickly searched for it and upon finding it found that I did not have all the ingredients and she called for very large amounts of things (10 boxes of mac/cheese, etc) and I only had 2. So I took ideas from her recipe and without some of the ingredients, made my own version:

    • 2 boxes of Mac 'n Cheese (the ones you get for a quarter or sometimes 30 cents each)
    • 3/4 cup evaporated milk
    • 1/4 cup Smart Balance spread (or whatever you use for 'butter')
    • 2 cans of tuna in water; drained
    • 2 cups frozen peas; thawed and steamed

    Cook the macaroni in 12 cups of hot water; drain. While cooking the macaroni, steam your peas and mix the cheese sauce packets with the evaporated milk. Melt the butter in a saucepan on low, then stir in the milk/cheese mixture till warm throughout, and remove from heat. Pour the cheese sauce over the drained macaroni and then add 2 cans of drained tuna and the peas and mix and enjoy!

    It took me about 10 minutes to make this and that is about all the time I had lol. I had run errands and forgot that today's meal was beans and I couldn't be home to watch and cook them for 3 hours. Luckily, I got the idea above and saved dinner!

    It was good! I will use in the future for those busy days! Also, the Duggars recipe of course used more quantities and then she added cream of mushroom soup, I'm sure that would taste even better!

    Also, the recipe could be made several ways. You could add chicken, beef, etc instead of tuna and then change up the vegetable too! I could really see the recipe tasting good with chicken and broccoli!

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    Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    Wonderful Birthday!

    I had a wonderful birthday!! : ) Last year for my birthday we had big plans, but our car had issues and we had to pay $500 to fix it and so that was my birthday. I was ok with that and understood that the car needed to be fixed! This year seemed to have made up for it lol. My husband blessed me with wonderful gifts of what else but BOOKS!! I got a total of 15, one of those was the KJV Reese Chronological Bible. I'm a book-a-holic and have currently in our house, 5 bookcases but they aren't all filled full with books (yet hehe). That doesn't count my daughter's 2 bookcases because she has them filled with toys, puzzles, games, etc and only 2 of the shelves are filled with books in her room. I'm hoping to have a nice library and one day when we build our house (if that happens before the Lord returns)......I want a room filled with books; a library!

    Some of these books I've wanted for years!! I got a lot on my "wish list" but of course my book wish list is ever growing and gives me something to always look forward to reading. I wasn't always a bookworm. I actually despised reading growing up (no one ever read to me or at least I don't remember them doing it lol) and I read just the Cliff notes for books we were assigned through middle and high school and somehow aced the book tests without ever actually reading the books! (I wasn't saved back then, so please hold back the reproof hehe). I remember the first book I ever read from cover to cover was Around the World in 80 days, at least I think that was the one lol. When I joined the AF and got to my first duty station is when the "bookworm" started in me. I was alone, over 6,000 miles away from home and needed something to I started reading. I was hooked! So I guess I'm making up for the first 18 years of my life of not reading books haha.

    I now read to my daughter books and so does my husband. We try to read every day and/or night to her and she has a wonderful love of books and most importantly, a passion for learning! She loves when we do her pre-school homeschool and she completed 2 lessons today and got her star stickers on her chart. The feeling of accomplishment is wonderful, especially for a child and they need that! Even God, after he was finished creating, looked at his work and said it was good. And God likes books because that is what he gave us to read: His Word; The Bible! ; )

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    Happy Birthday to Me! : )

    Today is my birthday! I already got my gifts and cake already though. Hubby is taking me out to eat tonight! ;) I don't think I will be online much at all today, so I will get to everyone's comments on Wednesday or late Tuesday night.

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    Monday, January 5, 2009

    Third Hand Smoke

    Interesting article I was reading tonight before bed. There is now what they call "third hand" smoke. Here is a quote from the article:
    Third-hand smoke is what one smells when a smoker gets in an elevator after going outside for a cigarette, he said, or in a hotel room where people were smoking. "Your nose isn't lying," he said. "The stuff is so toxic that your brain is telling you: 'Get away.'"

    It goes into greater detail describing the actual term "third hand" smoke here:

    That's the term being used to describe the invisible yet toxic brew of gases and particles clinging to smokers' hair and clothing, not to mention cushions and carpeting, that lingers long after smoke has cleared from a room. The residue includes heavy metals, carcinogens and even radioactive materials that young children can get on their hands and ingest, especially if they're crawling or playing on the floor.

    You can read the full article here:

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    I was looking back through my 424 posts so far on this blog and noticed the post below unpublished! This post was written in October 2007, so quite a while to be forgotten about lol. It still holds true for today, actually even MUCH MORE so given the whole 'bailout' issue that is going on currently with our economy.

    Writing the e-book on meal planning and looking at the "average" grocery expense of American families, it really had shown me a lot about our society. Most Americans are SLAVES! Let's look at scripture:

    Proverbs 22:7

    The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

    The word used in the Hebrew for servant, means SLAVE! If you owe someone you are a slave to them. If you have debt.......guess what? You are a slave to the lender. It has become UNCOMMON to be debt-free in today's society. With credit, you can have whatsoever you desire.....instant gratification. Used to.....people would wait and save the money for their desires. Ever read on credit's history? Debt used to be viewed as a SIN and only the foolish borrowed.

    My, how the times have changed! Will you succumb to society's ever consuming instant gratification "GOT TO HAVE IT"......mentality? Or will you break free from the chains that make you a slave?

    Debt is like a weight around your neck.....chains you carry around. So what if you don't have the latest and greatest gadget or toy or clothes! Being debt free comes with a feeling that no material thing can give that is for sure!! ; )

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    Sunday, January 4, 2009

    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Posts Index

    Here are the posts for "My Hair Story" in order, if you would like to review them:

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7 - misnumbered them, so there are 2 part 7's
    Part 7
    Part 8
    Part 9

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    Get Ready!

    I already have 2 posts finished and waiting to be published soon and a whole bunch more on the way. I have photos and vids from my trip to TN from this year and even last year lol. Not sure how much I will put on here, but get ready for a slew of posts! Hope you can catch up...... =0

    I also have a few e-books I will be putting online for you to save your own copy of, just have to finish those up. I also plan on re-doing the Meal Planning e-book. I will also be making free printable checklists, etc. Hope you all are enjoying the hair posts, I finished the "My Hair Story" part of the series (except the slideshow, which is coming soon), but will continue on with hair care and hair products in the future.

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    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 9

    In Part 8, we left off at March 2008 (1 year after the perm) with my hair at 30 inches and 4 inches of new growth that year. From March up until August, I had to work with my hair to try and disguise the fact that part was straight and the other part permed. I continued to have to use gel and a blow dryer to get it to look right, it was still very dry, and I would also straighten it sometimes and then curl it with a curling iron or hot rollers as shown in the photos below:

    I did the above for months, until it dawned on me that I could just straighten and/or curl JUST the permed part and leave my new growth untouched! So I started to do that, leaving my new growth and scalp alone and my hair grew rapidly and the condition of my new growth is black, shiny and silky. Also, I started using the leave-in conditioner again and letting my hair air dry more often, even though my curls from the perm aren't as tight, its much easier on my hair that way. If I want all my hair straight, I just straighten the permed part. If I want to curl my hair, I just curl the permed part now.

    Next, I discovered the reason that my hair seemed to have stopped fixing and looking like it used to: Garnier Fructis changed their ingredients in their Shampoo that I had used for over a year. The shampoo now has SLS in it. I've read that SLS is drying on the hair, and so I have since gone back to Finesse Bodifying Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner and have already in just a short time, noticed a difference. I still use the Garnier Fructic leave-in condtioner though.

    Here is my hair a few days ago after curling just the permed part:

    You can see how much lighter my permed hair is from my new growth (which is black, some dark brown). My new growth is now at 12 inches of new hair since my perm!! Total length right now is 38 inches. In just 9 months, my hair grew 8 inches! I credit it to my supplements, diet, taking better care of my hair, not perming it again and most importantly prayer! I hope to get my "old" hair back that I used to have in 2005 before my 2 perms by taking care of it like I used to from now on.

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    Saturday, January 3, 2009

    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 8

    We left off in Part 7 talking about the perm I had gotten in March 2007 (probably my last perm). My hair was ok for a year or so after the perm. I had used Garnier Fructis Color Treated (color treated shampoo/conditioner's work for permed also) Shampoo and Conditioner and then the leave-in and that was it! No gels, no blow-drying, etc.

    Then, my hair started to get drier and break off more. I had no idea why it started to do that as I was doing what I had always done. (I will tell you what caused this in future posts as I found out) My curls were not as curly anymore either because once curls are dry, they usually have a hard time holding the curl. Curls that are moisturized show the best curl, just ask someone with curly hair! I had no clue what was causing this, and I had to start using gel in my hair (alcohol free) and then blow-dry my hair holding the hair scrunched as I dried it to get my hair to look right. So I did this for months and lost inches, but luckily my hair was growing at a good rate on top or I would have had even shorter hair than I did in this photo:

    This photo was taken one year after my perm. You can see in the photo, how much length I had lost! My hair above was approximately 30 inches long (remember it was at its longest 50 inches before the 2 perms in 2005 and then 2007). In the one year since getting a perm, my hair had grown with new growth but only 4 inches. Remember how long my hair was when I first got the perm? Then look at it above, a year after, even with new growth it is so much shorter.

    I also started straightening my hair (to match my new growth) and was frustrated that my hair was so dry and frizzy and no longer had that nice look with my curls when left air-dried. So I contemplated getting another perm and even set it up to do so, but my husband mentioned that my hair would just keep getting shorter and shorter and more damaged. Did I want long hair or did I want to keep making it shorter for vanity was the question that rang through my mind. I made the choice to NOT get another perm.

    So this part ends at a year after I got my perm, March 2008. The next few posts will continue on from this point up until today. I also have a slideshow compilation of all the photos with captions and then we will start the "Hair Products" posts showing what I have used in the past, what I still use and what works, etc.

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    Thursday, January 1, 2009

    Proverbs 31 Woman or Proverbs 32 Woman?

    My friend, Donna, sent me this in an email and WOW, talk about straight to the point! Are you a Proverbs 31 Woman? Or are you like below.....a "Proverbs 32" Woman?

    Proverbs 32

    1 An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. And she will remind you of that worth every day until death do you part.

    2 The heart of her husband trusts in her, And he will have no lack of gain. If he does she will remind him of how worthless he is or has become.

    3 She does him good and not evil All the days of her life. That is unless she is scorned and then all bets are off.

    4 She looks for wool and flax, And works with her hands in delight. But you must tell her how much she is appreciated and daily is recommended. Otherwise delight turns into bitterness.

    5 She is like merchant ships; She brings her food from afar as long as it isn't too far and takes too much of the day.

    6 She rises also while it is still night, And gives food to her household, And portions to her maidens. So when she is cranky by the time you get home... you need to understand.

    7 She considers a field and buys it; From her earnings she plants a vineyard. Then she will make sure others know that it is her labor and has nothing to do with you.

    8 She girds herself with strength, And makes her arms strong as long as she doesn't have anything physically wrong with her. Then this isn't applicable.

    9 She senses that her gain is good; Her lamp does not go out at night. Not until she is good and ready to turn it off.

    10 She stretches out her hands to the distaff, And her hands grasp the spindle. She then realizes that she's forgotten how to sew and gets upset because she hasn't the extra money to buy that outfit she saw in the store the other day.

    11 She extends her hand to the poor; And she stretches out her hands to the needy. As long as they aren't too poor and needy. That would require adding another entree and one might have to wait a whole 20 minutes for something to thaw in the microwave.

    12 She is not afraid of the snow for her household, For all her household are clothed with scarlet. But if it rains and they don't wipe off their shoes and track mud in the house... they just don't care.

    13 She makes coverings for herself; Her clothing is fine linen and purple. She just needs a lot of linen and looks like Barney because she has just let herself go over the years and now she can't get rid of the weight at all.

    14 Her husband is known in the gates, When he sits among the elders of the land. They will never forget the "ON STRIKE" sign that was in the front lawn.

    15 She makes linen garments and sells them, And supplies belts to the tradesmen. Then gets with the women and complains about how she has to do all of this because the dear husband isn't cutting the mustard.

    16 Strength and dignity she does not know, And she cries loudly at the future.

    17 She opens her mouth in folly, And the teaching of bitterness is on her tongue.

    18 She looks to the ways of her household, shakes her head and then lies down..

    19 Her children rise up and can't wait to find the door; Her husband only likes the door from the inside and trembles when he sees it from the outside, and he avoids her, saying:

    20 "Many daughters have done nobly, But you... what can I do to please you."

    21 And beware of the hissy fit. No man likes it when that happens.

    Author Unknown

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    Happy New Year's Day!!!!!!!

    From our family to yours, we want to wish you a:

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