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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Week at Cambridgeshire Academy

We've been on a 2-day break from homeschool, so I gave our homeschool website a new look.  I found a template I really love for fall:

Check it out at

Here are the most recent posts:

Teaching Bible to Children
Teaching Creation
Why Audio-books are Important
Writing Instruction
Free Audio-books Online
Adam & Eve and The Fall of Man

Hope they are a help and/or a blessing to others!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God is Old News - Just Ask the Government

Let's get on fire for God instead of this lukewarm and cold INDIFFERENCE!  Who will stand up for God and the right?  Keep on the firin' line!!!!!!  They may take this country down the tube but it will be with us fighting all the way for God to stay in this great nation!

Who will plead with God for our nation?  Who will be like Abraham and say if just sixty God, if just ten God!!  Will you get on your knees and grieve over the evil in the nation and plead with God to save our land?  Or will you continue to be a spectator in everything about life and watch others do something while you sit on the sidelines?  God didn't make us to be silent, he needs a voice crying in the wilderness.  He needs men and women who are of the unashamed!  He needs bold Stephen's who will die preaching against evil.  It's time to get on FIRE for God and let the lax and indifference leave our lives never to return. 

There is some profanity in the video below, just wanted to give that disclaimer.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Helping Others Homeschool

Several people have asked me through email and in person about homeschooling.  Through this blog I've been able to help others take care of their homes, save money, etc but I don't think I want it to become homeschooling central.  The reason is because I have several readers who have no children or do not homeschool and can't.  I'm not saying I will not share things I want to share about homeschooling - stories and news and such, but I wanted somewhere to put a TON of things that have been on my heart and mind to share to help others homeschool!

My husband was enthusiastic about giving our homeschool a name and then when I mentioned a website - he was all for it!  I have so much material and tips to share in what I've learned the past 5 weeks but I'm just lacking in time to share it all.  I have already copied some homeschool posts and put them on the website, and I also started my first help - how to teach Bible to children or rather - how WE teach Bible to our child. 

Here is our homeschooling website:

I'm so excited and so thankful for the opportunity to help another!!!  I'm no expert and have no degrees in education BUT I have God's guidance and I'm not blogging for pay and advertisers as I've seen that others are all about.  If you will really look into some of these "Christian" blogs and websites that recommend homeschooling materials, you will find that they are getting paid to do so!  Are they really being honest in their reviews??  Or is it motivated by greed?  You can rest assured with me - NO ONE is paying me to recommend their product and I almost daily ignore emails for such offers.  Same for this homekeeping website - you can trust its real opinion and not paid advertisement!!  I'm not saying that one day if someone comes along with an offer to put an ad on my sidebar that I will refuse - but it must be something that is honestly Christian.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let's Praise.........Obama?

I was absolutely abhorred at the following news story!  These elementary students were taught to sing songs unto Obama.  I noticed something about the lyrics as I watched the video and realized they had took verses from "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and replaced Jesus' name with Obama!!!!!  WHAT!?!? 

He said red, yellow, black or white/All are equal in his sight. Barack Hussein Obama.

Read the story and lyrics:

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Satan's Best Allies - So Called Christians

I am still thinking on this morning's message that Pastor preached "The Right Choices" or "You Know Brass isn't Gold!"  2 Chronicles 12:9-12  It really did something for me and I'm not going to go into great detail but it drove me to a firmer, bolder stand for God!  I was reading a lot tonight - a hunger for righteousness and a disgust for worldliness in the church.  The whole message was basically about counterfeits and guarding your treasures that God has given you and the church!  I dare to fight and stand to keep worldliness and ungodliness out of my church........I know several others who will also.  Will you dare to stand?  Or are you busy polishing your brass behind the curtain?

They who design and endeavor to win others . . . must religiously avoid that which is the greatest obstruction of all, the profligate and atrocious lives of some that call themselves Christians. If men were prompted and employed by the devil himself, they could not be more effective in making the Gospel to be abhorred, than by living as some Christians do. How can it be expected, that the poor, ignorant heathen should have any reverence for the great and sacred name of God, when they hear those who pretend that they have a deep veneration for Him, reproach and blaspheme Him? . . . Can any man convince them, that the saints are such excellent creatures, when they see those who call themselves so, live like brutes or devils? - George Hammond

I now see more good and more evil in men than I did before. . . . I once thought that anyone who could pray eloquently and fluently, and talk well of religion, had to be saints. But experience has revealed to me that low crimes can co-exist with high professions. - Richard Baxter 1615 – 1691

There is a widely-spread desire to make things pleasant in religion – to saw off the corners and edges of the cross, and to avoid, as far as possible, self-denial. On every side we hear professing Christians declaring loudly that we must not be “narrow and exclusive” and that there is no harm in many things which the holiest of saints of old thought bad for their souls.

That we may go anywhere, and do anything, and spend our time in anything, and read anything, and keep any company, and plunge into anything, and all the while may be very good Christians – this is the maxim of thousands. In a day like this I think it good to raise a warning voice, and invite attention to the teaching of God’s Word. It is written in that Word, ‘Come out and be separate. - J.C. Ryle

I believe there is far more harm done by unholy and inconsistent Christians than we are at all aware of. Such men are among Satan’s best allies. They pull down by their lives what ministers build up with their lips. . . . I fear that Christ’s name is too often blasphemed because of the lives of Christians.- J. C. Ryle

Our Lord’s strong language about the false teachers of the Jews ends here. Those who think that unsound ministers ought never to be exposed and held up to notice, and men ought never to be warned against them, would do well to study this passage. No class of character throughout our Lord’s ministry seems to call forth such severe denunciation as that of false pastors. The reason is obvious. Other men ruin themselves alone: false pastors ruin their flocks as well as themselves. To flatter all ordained men, and say they never should be called unsound and dangerous guides, is the surest way to injure the Church and offend Christ.- J.C. Ryle 1816 – 1900

Many a church has fallen into a condition of indifference, and when it does so it generally becomes the haunt of worldly professors, a refuge for people who want an easy religion, which enables them to enjoy the pleasures of sin and the honours of piety at the same time; where things are free and easy, where you are not expected to do much, or give much, or pray much, or to be very religious; where the minister is not so precise as the old school divines, a more liberal people, of broad views, free-thinking and free-acting, where there is full tolerance for sin, and no demand for vital godliness. Such churches applaud cleverness in a preacher. As for his doctrine, that is of small consequence, and his love to Christ and zeal for souls is very secondary. He is a clever fellow, and can speak well, and that suffices. This style of things is all too common, yet we are expected to hold our tongue, for the people are very respectable. The Lord grant that we may be kept clear of such respectability! -Charles Spurgeon (“An Earnest Warning about Lukewarmness”)1834-1892

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's All About You

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Caterpillar; Video and Drawing

We are doing First Language Lessons Level 1 this year and this past week we did the first 3 lessons. The 2nd lesson was to memorize the poem, "The Caterpillar". I said it several times to my daughter and had her join in. Then I recorded myself saying the poem 3 times on a tape, which Katie listened to several times since Tuesday. Today she told me she wanted to say the poem from memory. I made her practice in front of her stuffed animals first and then we recorded it. She had no help from me, just all from her memory! I'm so proud of her and it gave her self confidence and made her realize she can do anything she puts her mind to!


After hearing the poem read she drew her "narration" of what the poem said. I added what she told me each picture was about in black. (click to enlarge)

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God's Word vs. Man's Opinion

I chose this picture for this post because it demonstrates so well a lot of kid's teachers - the TV.  But this isn't about the TV, although it does most definitely apply!!

My husband and I have been having some pretty soul-searching talks lately and with others at church on the topic of recent - dealing with the ungodly public school system.  Pastor was describing just the other night how they have taken out spirituality by removing prayer and Bible and the name Jesus, the teachers are in unions now and its all about the money and you would be hard pressed to find one who is actually there for the love of it and for the care of the child.  You are saying when you give your child to a teacher "I trust you to TEACH my child".

A commentor made the comment what about the pediatrician, nurse, etc.  They are teaching my child 6 hours a day.  Teaching is the subject here - can Christians let God haters teach their children?  Can Christians let a homosexual indoctrinate their children?  How bad does it have to get for some to come out from among them?  Will it take another school shooting close to home?  Will it take another teacher having sexual relations with a student?  Will it take them having those MANDATORY sex lessons from K-12?  For some, they will still be sitting in 'Sodom and Gomorrah' all the way till God himself destroys it before they would wake up.  Was taking out God, prayer and Bibles NOT BAD ENOUGH for some Christians??? Was it really not enough?? Is God not worth it??  Was it not 'bad enough' when they kicked him out??  Does God really not matter that much?  Guess can have school without God.  It's ok to leave him out during the day in all subjects because after all..........who needs him that much in day to day life right?  Sheesh, we go to church once a week and I couldn't do more than that because God has his small part and I wouldn't dream of giving up my priorities to have more God HA!

I could do a post on the Biblical backing of keeping our children out of a God haters teaching that would go on for pages!  Not only does he say COME OUT from among them and be ye separate, he even told us to ABSTAIN from all appearance of evil and this hasn't even included the verses on teaching the children daily.  One commentor said we have to contribute to the school by putting "God back in the school" and sending our kids there.  I guess we should also go in bars and brothels to add a bit of God there too huh? Or what about Sodom and Gomorrah??  Lot became corrupt in the midst of them and he would have been destroyed if it wasn't for Abraham's plea's.   Maybe we should re-write the Bible and instead of come out, we could do better than God and put "go in among them" that way we could put GOD back in them right??

The only thing I hear from the other side; those that support the public school - are merely man's opinionsNot once have I been given Biblical backing for this view.  Yet, they reason among themselves that is must be ok.  Doth not God tell us in Proverbs "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."  If someone could show me through God's word of Biblical principle how it is ok for a child to learn from a God hater/homosexual/liberal teacher then please do but NONE yet have used GOD'S WORD in their criticism - rather they go off an opinion they have formed or another man's opinion or their own reasonings with no backing from God's Word.  When will we get back to God's word!?!
True friends warn you of danger and toil ahead.  I heard a story the other day about a King who was drinking from his cup but every time he tried to take a drink, this bird would swoop down and get in his way so he couldn't drink from the cup.  He would shoo the bird away and yell at it and this happened a few times and he still couldn't drink from his cup!  He finally said "that's it" and drew his sword and the next time he tried to take a drink from his cup, the bird (as he had expected) swooped down and he killed it, knocking his cup on the ground in the process.  He went to get his cup and noticed a snake - then he realized the grave error he had made.  All along the bird was simply trying to stop him from drinking his death and he killed the very thing that was trying to help him! 

I said all this to provoke others to search their reasonings and opinions and see whether they be of God or the enemies making?  Does it line up with the Word of God?  FORGET ME!  Does it line up with God's word and His instruction for His people over all time??  If not, then stop and ask yourself just who are you really listening to? As was preached this morning, don't just drift along and go with the flow.  This is your child we are talking about!  The one that GOD gave you to raise for Him!  I take that SO seriously and I'm so careful and make sure I have God's backing in my decisions.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Pantry and Freezer Inventory List Free Printable

I use these to keep an inventory of what is in my pantry and freezer.  Enjoy! : )

Freezer or Pantry Inventory Printable

I created a 2nd version that is smaller, clearer and holds more:
*Document isn't displaying correctly, go here to see and print:

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Recipe Finder Free Printable

Handy printable list to find recipes you want to find, what book they are in and page number. Enjoy! :)

Recipe Finder Printable

Here is the 2nd version of this printable, it is smaller, darker and can hold more:
*Document not loading correctly, you can download it directly from Scribd here:

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Creation and Astronomy

We started our homeschool this year with the story of Creation.  We are spending an entire week on the days of creation and weaving Science into the Bible.  After all, Science is learning about God's creation!  We are beginning a long study on Astronomy - creation, planets, constellations, etc.

I have gathered so many resources and so excited about this because of my own personal love of space.  It started when I was in fifth grade when I went to Space camp in Huntsville, Alabama at the US Space & Rocket Center.  It was a memorable time for me.  It didn't end there, I went on to join the Air Force and the love for aeronautics was also shared by my husband, who at the time was an aircraft electrician.

Some have said, how can you spend a whole year on Astronomy?  Well, they just don't understand all that is involved in our great universe!  Teaching God's creation and the details of space, rockets, astronauts and history of the travels in space is quite intensive you will find.

I was researching some videos on youtube for creation/space/planets, etc and found the one below.  It is the historical account of Apollo 8's Christmas Eve address to the earth that resounds in praise of the mighty Creator!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Drowning in a Sea of Books.......

Last week we got our curriculum books and I laid most of them out on the table as you can see in the photos below.  We started homeschool this Monday and just completed our 3rd day and I must say that my daughter is LOVING it and even wants to do it at night.  It does take sacrifice on my part but I believe my daughter is WORTH it!  I believe it helps kill any selfishness a person may have lol - after all, it isn't all about 'you' anymore.  To give your time and energies over to train up a child in the way he/she should go is the calling of a Mother. 

It has been amazing to feel the Holy Spirit when we start school with prayer and 'invite' God into the classroom!  The first day I did this, I almost shouted because the Holy Spirit's presence was so strong and I didn't expect that.  I knew that including God in our children's learning was without question, a must, but I didn't expect the strong presence I felt that first morning!  It was as though God was saying "Thank you for allowing me into the school!"  I'm sure God's heart is saddened when His people send their children to schools that don't want God but he is even more happy when they make him the first and foremost importance of a child's learning!  Then when we did Science - WOW!  The presence of the Holy Spirit once again filled the room and I felt such joy teaching Katie just WHO created the world and how God did it!  God blesses truth!!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jesus the Critic

The title might have got your attention I'd say! Most people don't hear Jesus being called a critic but he was by definition. These thoughts have been on my mind for quite some time now. My husband and I have talked them over and I've even had a conversation with my Pastor about some that I'm writing about in this post.

You may remember the post, "Misconceptions about WWJD" and how so many people perceive that what Jesus would do is never name-call, criticize, fault-find or raise his voice but yet he did all of those. What they don't understand and have failed to grasp by mere lack of thought - is that fact that there are two kinds of each of these things. One for the good and one for the bad.

First lets start by defining these terms:

Criticize - finding fault with, denouncing, evaluate
Fault-find - in essence, criticizing, pointing out wrongs in others
Complain - to express grief, pain or discontent; a formal accusation or charge

Now let's begin with the good side of these, or rather the ones Jesus himself portrayed.
  1. Standing up for the Truth
  2. Rebuking evil or wrong doing
  3. Pointing out the evil in another to warn others
In the conversation I had with my Pastor - I had brought up my blog. It isn't any secret I receive a lot of hate mail, distasteful comments and the such like on here. I just wanted to make sure I was not in any way doing something wrong. He commented that I'm taking a stand for the truth. I have never really viewed it quite that way. Yes, I knew this was something God wanted me to do because there was a need online for truth in Google searches lol, but to view it as me standing out in the midst of the world with my sword, standing for the truth of the Almighty God - encouraged me to not be discouraged! For whatsoever we do for the Lord is not in vain. It also helped me to forgive those that say things about me, gossip about me and call me all manner of things in what I share. I've even lost friends with what I've stood up for. However, I've truly been able to let it deflect off of me when I realized I am a partaker in Christ's sufferings.

When you stand up for the truth, whether its standing up for what the Bible says about truly being saved to all aspects of a holy life - you are sounding out against evil! Jesus stood many times for the truth, rebuked evil and pointed out the wrong/evil in others. In all essence of the words, he criticized the rulers of his day, found fault with them and complained about those who were using God's house for a house of merchandise! Yet, he did it all with Love (tough love) and to show others what is right. It was still compassion, still meekness, even though it was stern.

Stephen stood for the truth - even though it cut the hearers to the heart until they stoned him - he did not shut up for anyone!! I'm sure if Stephen had a blog, he would probably get virtually stoned as well lol. My own Pastor gets his inbox full of hate mail daily and his blog only opened him up to more of that but he still stands for the truth. Paul named names - Demas, for instance, and how he had forsaken him for the love of the world! Then don't forget Jesus' name-calling when he called Herod a fox. Yes - there is a time for everything!

We could go on and on about examples but I think you get the just. Now let's move on to the wrong side of the coin.

When someone criticizes God, find faults with righteous people living for God and seeks to tear down God's church - this is wrong! They seek to tear God, and all he stands for, down - they do the biddings of satan. They despise those that are good. They can't stand when a woman looks like her gender and vice versa for a man. They crave sin and lust continually and thus their heart is evil and they criticize, fault-find, murmer and complain sinfully. So for them, to come to a blog that holds the Bible and God as the sourcebook - it convicts them and they lash out with bitter criticisms and fault findings against God's Word and his standards for living.

We can go all the way back the days of Moses when the people murmured and complained about what God had given them for food. It just was never good enough. Un-thankful hearts motivated their complaints. Then in New Testament times we see the Pharisees finding fault with Jesus. Jesus had no fault! Yet, they watched his every move to try and find that one little thing that seemed to them to be enough to make something out of. Their fault finding was motivated by the spirit of satan to tear down the righteous.

So in summary, you can see the two sides of this coin. A lot of times I've heard people refer to another Pastor's exhortation to not criticize or find fault with others and they assume it pertains to all things. What they failed to realize is that Pastor himself does these two very things over the pulpit, yet he does them in the way that Jesus himself did - to provoke good works and rebuke sin! When he criticizes those that are doing wrong, those that have done evil in our midst and sometimes calls them out - it is for their good and Biblical. Just like Paul instructed. Paul even went as far to say turn them over to satan for their soul's sake!

Another Pastor was speaking tonight on not offending God or man. However, he was simply stating, not that we should never stand for God or anything righteous, as to not offend anyone, but rather not to offend in a way that is wrong. For if he had meant all offending is wrong, then we better stop preaching at people LOL. Stephen offended others so bad they stoned him, but you see.........he did the right offense, the one that stood for God and truth! There is a wrong offense and we know when we have done that - said a word out of turn that was inspired by bitterness or jealousy, etc.

If you are a true born-again believer, doth not the Bible say that those which love God's law "nothing shall offend them"? Psalm 119:165 So, if you are offended, what does that say about you? Most of the time, it is our pride that is offended. Other times, what we think is offense, is in actuality - conviction, because we know what we are doing is not right and we can't stand it when someone else hits that spot.

Someone was mentioning to me recently about how they endeavored to not hear anything negative. (I imagine they will be a cave dweller soon) They took the idea from a message Pastor preached about not letting negativity in your ears. However, did Pastor stop reading the news? No, he shares stories a lot of bad things that are happening. He was talking about those that want to just talk negative - to have a coke with the devil, so to speak. Who needs that in their ears all the time was what he referring to.

Misconceptions come from a weak walk with the Lord. The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. God will lead you but if you don't spend time with Him, how will you know which way to go or what to do? You won't!

It's high time we start to look unto Jesus and let his life, here on earth teach us! For all the answers lie in the great Book; The Bible; God's Word!! It is truly an instruction book to life.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Homeschool Teacher Planner Pages Free Printables

Home School Planner Page

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Weekly Planner Pages Free Printables

September 13-19 Weekly Calendar Planner                                                                                                                                            

September 20-26 Weekly Calendar Planner                                                                                                                                            

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October 2009 Free Printable Calendar

I've been planning ahead because of the new schedule with teaching school during the day - so went ahead and did October's calendar.  The theme is Autumn, enjoy! : )

Calendar is no longer available

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Homeschool Room Photos

Before, it was just the table and the curtains - now you can see what we have added (dollar store charts), dry erase board, easel (IKEA) and some bookshelves. 

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President Obama's Speech to Government Schools

I read the speech today and you can read it as well by clicking on the White House link below. It will be aired tomorrow in schools across America and if your child attends one of these, they will be watching the speech and doing a "classroom activity" afterward on their goals, etc.

I know there has been a lot of controversy over this but I read the speech in its entirety and I see nothing wrong with it or an ulterior motive but to tell the children of America to do good in school.

Parents who send their children to government schools and who are in an uproar over this should really shut up because they after all......have already given their children to the government to be taught! If you don't want the government's ideas impressed on your child's minds then stop sending them there, its that simple. You already let them be taught by teachers and textbooks that take God out and teach the world's view, so why complain? It's time you put up or shut up.

Here is the link to the prepared school remarks:

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Stupid in America

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20 Great Reasons You Homeschool

Found this tonight, thought it was to enlarge:

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Case for Christian Education

I came across a blog today and I had to share this post! It is a must read! She gives many links that are worthy of reading:

A quote she shared from John Wesley, I also wanted to share. What would John Wesley say today in this society that has schools which teach as though God is irrelevant to a child's education and that some think its acceptable to leave the Creator; God out of a child's learning. To let them be taught by a system that most definitely, beyond any doubts, supports satan's type of education - the Godless one........let John Wesley's words speak even unto this day as it applies even more the so!! God give us more men like these who have their eyes on the greater learning - that which God is a part of!

"Let it be remembered, that I do not speak to the wild, giddy, thoughtless world, but to those that fear God. I ask, then, for what end do you send you children to school? “Why, that they may be fit to live in the world.” In which world do you mean, — this or the next? Perhaps you thought of this world only; and had forgot that there is a world to come; yea, and one that will last for ever! Pray take this into your account, and send them to such masters as will keep it always before their eyes. Otherwise, to send them to school (permit me to speak plainly) is little better than sending them to the devil. At all events, then, send your boys, if you have any concern for their souls, not to any of the large public schools, (for they are nurseries of all manner of wickedness,) but private school, kept by some pious man, who endeavors to instruct a small number of children in religion and learning together."

The matter is simple for you must only ask yourself these questions:
  1. Would God support/approve of an education that leaves God out?
  2. Is God behind such an education?
  3. Does God smile happily as your child learns science, history, etc minus the Creator?
You can't say yes to any of these but you could if you replace "God" with "satan" and then you can see the big picture and you will begin to THINK and realize just who is behind the curtain. Let me replace that for you:
  1. Would satan support/approve of an education that leaves God out?
  2. Is satan behind such an education?
  3. Does satan smile happily as your child learns science, history, etc minus the Creator?
Whose side will you choose? Whose report will you believe? Is God irrelevant to a child's education or not? I hope to provoke others to thought as that is the purpose for even God himself said "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" - you can't just follow the crowd because the crowd is going to hell.

Top 5 Reasons NOT to send your kids back to Government school:

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Homeschool Name Poll Results

I stopped the poll early because I have already decided upon a name - the one my husband loves and the one that got the most votes on here as well: Cambridgeshire Academy! Cambridgeshire, England is the first known record of our family (possibly Cambridge to be exact). We are going to use our family crest as the symbol of our academy and will also use the colors: blue and yellow for our academy colors. Thanks for all who voted! : )

Classically Minded Academy
1 (7%)
Cambridgeshire Academy
10 (71%)
Discovery Academy
1 (7%)
Virtuous Character Academy
1 (7%)
Other (leave comment)
1 (7%)

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Kindergarten Complete Curriculum Index

Here is an index of my posts containing our curriculum for Kindergarten.  You can also find this list on my sidebar.

Reading & Spelling
Grammar & Writing
History, Geography & Social Studies

Home Economics

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Kindergarten Art, Music , Home Economics & Spanish

Below are our electives for this year.  Besides Music, they are only done once a week, with Music twice a week.

Art - we are using "Artistic Pursuits: K-3 Book One, An Introduction to the Visual Arts"  I came across this program before I even saw it was recommended in "The Well Trained Mind".  I had looked at several other art programs and was frustrated at the simplicity of them - having a child cut a picture from a paper and glue it and then color it, to me just isn't true art.  I wanted something that taught Art and gave a great knowledge of just what Art is and I have found it!  Book One even includes Ancient Art (making a Greek pot) and that will go along with our History of the Ancient times.  We plan on only doing Art once a week but if she shows a great interest, then we can do it twice.

Music - my daughter wants to learn to play the violin.  However, the instructors in our area say the child must be 7 before they can begin lessons, so since she is only 5 (6 next month), we will have to wait.  I wanted her to begin learning to play something - so we chose to start the piano this year and see how she likes it.  We are going to use "John Thompson's Modern Course for the Piano; First Grade Book".  She will also learn to play the recorder and we got one with a beginner's book and that will probably be the easiest for her to start with.

I've already began teaching about Composers with Beethoven and we are using "Stories of the Great Composers, Book 1 & CD". I also want something that teaches what rhythm, melody, etc are but haven't found the program I'm looking for yet. 

Home Economics - I have taught my daughter some of Home Economics already with her being with me in the Kitchen, etc.  However, I wanted something that laid it out for me, easy for her to understand and I found it.  I'm using Pearables "Home Economics Level One".  It looks like a good basis and geared towards her age.  It is also done by an older lady sharing her nuggets of wisdom.

Spanish - My daughter already knows a lot of words in Spanish and how to count from 1-10 in Spanish but I wanted to start her in something this year that would be fun and not necessarily a complete curriculum since she already has a full year.  We are going to use "Spanish 1A" cd-rom and see how it goes.  It will be something that is part of her "Computer Time" but also fun for her as well.  We aren't going to start it until the middle of the year so she can concentrate on phonics for the next 6 months and get a good solid base in reading. 

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Friday, September 4, 2009

IKEA Children's Easel

We have bought over the past few months - 2 easels from Wal-mart and BOTH have been broke and we have had to take them back.  They were also around $40.  We went to IKEA tonight to see what their $14.99 easel looked like and I was impressed!  It is sturdy and built good.  One side is dry erase and the other is a chalkboard.  We also got the paper roll ($4.99) to hook on the bottom and pull over the easel for easy painting! It has a tray for the chalk, dry erase markers and erasers, etc.  It is large enough to hold paint supplies as well. My daughter is ecstatic and so are we - knowing we saved money and got a better quality product! I highly recommend IKEA's easel.

Image credit: IKEA

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Mandatory Gay-Friendly Classes: Have we reached "enough" yet?

I can't imagine a real, born-again, Bible-believing Christian would even consider allowing their child to attend a school which indoctrinates homosexuality in such a way as this!!  It is happening in California - children as young as 5yr old in Kindergarten will be indoctrinated with this ungodly teaching!  Wake up America!!  Why don't you just go ahead and give your child to satan already - because you are by who you entrust them with.

Hey Lot!  Get your children out of that environment!  Abraham - get out from among that bad environment......notice God has always commanded his people to COME OUT from among them and be ye separate.  Now some are letting the very devils teach their children and indoctrinate them against God's Holy Word......the shame!  This is one person who will stand for God's word and speak up, I'm not ashamed!  I really don't care what you think of me either, because I have the Bible to back me up and you have absolutely nothing from God's word to back up your sending them to this horrible pit of ungodly, humanistic education.  You think taking God out of a child's education is ok??  Who indoctrinated you to think he wasn't important enough to have during the day?  Do you really think your ten minutes of Godly instruction 'some' nights will outweigh the 6 hours of anti-God instruction they receive daily?  What about in the Old Testament when he commanded them morning, noon and night?  They didn't have public school indoctrination back then - parents actually wanted kids (prayed for them) and taught them in the Lord!  Who are you looking to for your example - God's word or a man??

"Parents in the Alameda Unified School District were refused the right to excuse their kids from classes that would teach all kids in the district's elementary schools about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender alternative families. The parents say they are concerned about "indoctrination" in the schools, but administrators say the course is needed to protect against sexual discrimination — and that the lessons are protected by laws in California and 10 other states."

Washington IS one of the ten states folks!  You know, I can't see God saying "Oh yes, let the little children learn that being a HOMOsexual is ok and acceptable".  No, rather God would say as he has always - it is an ABOMINATION!  Your stupid! - there I said it........if you think raising children in the precepts of the Lord involves someone teaching this perversion as acceptable. Maybe this will be 'enough' for some parents - because taking God out of the school just wasn't "bad enough" for some.  Who needs God from 7-2 daily anyway? He just isn't that important.

Read the article here:,2933,546280,00.html?test=latestnews

Fox is also doing a special tonight on "Do you know what textbooks your children are really reading?".

Education is Discipleship:

Here is a quote from the above article:

“SECULARISM is a philosophy that claims that there is no God-or that if there is a God, He is irrelevant. HUMANISM essentially says that in the absence of God, humans can and should act as gods by judging, choosing, and defining what is right for themselves. The philosophy pervading the public education system combines these two philosophies into one.”-Ken Ham, Genesis of a Legacy, p. 152

If you have something opposing to say - realize this is a blog that supports homeschooling, some private schools and Christian schools and doesn't support God-less school systems, so it may be time you stopped visiting here instead of getting angry and retaliating. Luckily I don't blog to please, I don't even blog to be popular, I blog for Jesus and stand for His Word.

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Kindergarten Science

I knew what I wanted to use for Science and it didn't necessarily go along with the History as "The Well Trained Mind" suggested but nevertheless, I'm still going the route I chose.

If you haven't heard of Apologia Science, let me introduce you! It is Christian-based and from the reviews it is one of the best. I wanted a strictly Christian-based science for my daughter because there is just so much in science that is taught incorrectly in public education and even a lot of homeschool curriculum. I want her to understand and know the Mighty Creator of the Universe and to see His hands in the beauty of creation! This strong foundation will give her the tools needed to prepare her for the opposing view (Evolution) later in life. Her mind will have been conditioned to not just look at a tree and its parts, but to also see God's hand in the intricate details of His creation! You should watch your child is learning in this subject as most secular educators leave out the mighty Creator altogether and thus - science is left incomplete. You are responsible for what they learn, whether or not you are the one teaching them! God will not leave you unaccountable.

Knowing I was using Apologia's elementary science, I had to determine what one we would start with. I let my daughter choose and she chose Apologia Astronomy. She loves looking at the stars at night and is fascinated by them and I bought her the solar system to hang from her ceiling, along with a stars and the moon glow-in-the-dark set! We also have a globe that with a flick of the switch turns into the constellations.

There are projects with the Apologia Astronomy and one includes making your own solar system - a hands-on approach that I love. Along with other other projects that will give her a greater understanding of God's mighty universe!

Since we are doing year-round schooling and going in-depth into Astronomy, I also wanted her to get a good overall skimming the surface knowledge of science as well. So we are supplementing the Apologia Astronomy with "Considering God's Creation". This again, is another hands-on, Christian-based science and we will spread it out over 2-3 years along with the Apologia sciences.

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Kindergarten Math

Math was probably my worst subject and one I still detest! However, my daughter is very good at Math and probably will do the second grade level if we see she is progressing quickly with the first. She walks around the house counting things - doing addition and subtraction in her head, counting money and quizzing me on different problems. I knew something was up when last year she started counting from 1-200 in the car a lot and wanting us to join in. She even got my Mom to do it a few times over the phone hehe.

I attended public school in elementary and middle school years and then part of my high school years. Two years of high school were spent in a private, Christian school of which they used Saxon math. It left such a good taste in my mouth that I knew when I had a child, I wanted them to do Saxon math! I had realized how BEHIND public school education was when I attended the Christian school - especially math. The dumbing-down of public education is also another reason we homeschool - also the fact they won't let my daughter skip a grade, whereas in homeschooling - you go at the child's pace.

So that is why we chose Saxon math for our daughter. We are using Saxon Math 1 with the manipulatives and will skip lessons my daughter is already skilled at and possibly start Saxon Math 2 towards the end of the year.

Math is something that you don't just do as book work and then that's it. You teach your child to integrate it into daily life with counting money, purchases at the store, weighing fruits and vegetables in the produce section of the grocery store to weights and measurements in the kitchen cooking. We were at the post office 2 weeks ago waiting in line and my daughter says to me "Mom, look! The floor has rectangles!" I looked down and saw that the tiling on the floor was indeed rectangle-shaped lol. Also, another humorous account was at the library with a Sister last week when my daughter says to me "Mommy, you are sitting in a U-shaped chair!" Don't you just love it seeing your child learn?? I DO!! How fulfilling is it to know that YOU taught them? How grateful I am to have this opportunity and I thank God also for this.

Image credit: Google images

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Kindergarten History, Geography & Social Studies

History was my best subject in school. I still love it and can't wait to teach it!! : ) The traditional approach in public education is to teach facts from here and there and everywhere and there is generally no chronological order to the whole mess! With Classical Education, there is order (after all, isn't God a God of order? hehe). History is taught in chronological order from Ancient times to Modern times in just 4 years and then it is repeated twice afterward allowing the child to receive the entire history of the world 3 times by the time they graduate High School! I fell in love with this approach right away and it was just what I was looking for! You can read an article about the classical approach to History here.

Here is the 4-year layout of History:

Ancients, BC 5000-400 AD
Medieval/Early Renaissance, 400-1600
Late Renaissance/Early Modern, 1600-1850
Modern Times, 1850-Present

We are using "The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child: Volume I Ancient Times; From the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor". We are also using the activity book and audio.

You may be saying what about Geography and Social Studies? So glad you asked! Not only is she getting a wonderful order of History, she will be learning Geography and Social Studies throughout the learning of History! From studying ancient maps and finding out just where what we studied in History is, she will also be learning their culture (Social Studies) of each time period throughout History. What better way to teach these subjects but all together?

I love the hands on application of the maps and we are using Knowledge Qwest's Blackline Maps of Ancient Times that go right along with "The Story of the World 1". My daughter has a great interest in maps and has had for a few years now. She learned what maps where from Dora lol. Since then she loves pretending she has a map and when we went to the Zoo and they gave us a map - she was thrilled with excitement to have a MAP!! She enjoys the maps in the Bible as well and loves looking at the routes that Abraham and different men of the Bible traveled. We are also using a Globe that includes astronomy/constellations at the flick of a switch.

As we go along in History, we will also be reading books from the library on the topics which we are studying that week. We also will be using our Usborne Encyclopedia of World History for further study. Narration will involve her telling me what we read in History in her own words, of which I will write down in a notebook. She will be memorizing various facts as well - such as the Pharaohs, Kings of Rome, Egyptian dynasties, etc.

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Kindergarten Grammar & Writing

Grammar and Writing (Reading as well) is a big part of a Classical Education.  I didn't have what I consider to be a good foundation in grammar until High School.  I really like the approach with a Classical Education and the solid education a child receives from this method.  It fits me well and believe it will also fit my daughter's learning style.  Not only will she get a good foundation in grammar and writing - but my grammar needs a bit (ok a lot lol) of touching up!!

For Grammar we are using "First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind" (Levels 1&2).  The book combines both first and second grade into one book.  The lessons are only 5-15 minutes long.  She will not only learn grammar, but memorize poems and practice narration and eventually dictation.

For Writing we are using "The Complete Writer: Writing with Ease" (Level 1).  She will be doing copywork and dictation and I love the fact that it includes writings from the classics.  As it states it helps "young writers to practice their skills while absorbing the style and grace of great authors."

Narration can also be placed under Reading but I included it here because eventually it will be her own writing.  Narration is simply reading something and having the child tell you about it (older kids can write down their narration) and writing down the narration.  It not only helps them with comprehension and writing skills but paraphrasing as well!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Homeschool Academy Name Poll

Please vote in my poll on the sidebar as to your favorite or if you don't prefer any of those listed, simply put your idea below in the comments.

You may wonder why Cambridgeshire is one of the choices - it is the city of the first known record of our family last name. This is the one hubby likes most and if we go with it, we will be using our family crest and colors as the Academy logo.

Poll results are here:

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Kindergarten Reading & Spelling

I have used other reading programs that have shown to be very slow in the coming and just didn't work for my daughter (they actually made her very frustrated).  I tried a different approach and found success so far with it and my daughter can now read Bob books - slowly, but it will improve with increased phonics learning.  Reading is probably the biggest subject (as far as material covered) that we will do this year. 

Our phonics reading program is "The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading".  We plan on doing 2 lessons a day to get caught up on the program by the middle of the school year.

She will be learning spelling as we go along in the book and by the middle of the school year, we will start a spelling program from Modern Curriculum Press "Spelling Workout A".  When she has finished this, we will continue on with "Spelling Workout B".

For readers, we are using Bob Books Sets 1-5, Abeka Little books and Little Owl books and Christian Light's 1st Grade Reader "I Wonder".

Read alouds will be not only stories from Bible class and History, but we are supplementing with books that go along with what she is learning in History; ancient times, Egyptian topics, etc.  My husband will be reading her the complete Chronicles of Narnia book series with her.  I also have some audiobook classics & KJV audio that I started playing when she is doing crafts, playing or cleaning in her room.

For extra read alouds, I will be reading a few of Rod and Staff's little jewel books: Helping Mother, God Gave us Father and Mother, Molly Helps Mother, God Loves Me, and God's Happy Family.

Image credits: Amazon, CB, R&S, Abeka

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Free Printable September 2009 Calendar

This month's theme is of course "Back 2 School"....enjoy! :)

Calendar is no longer available

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Duggars Expecting 19th Child

Congratulations to the Duggars in expecting their 19th blessing from the Lord!!!

What a testimony this family has.  Not only have they chosen to let the Lord decide life and how much he wants to bless them with chidren - they are raising modest young women, strong young men, both full of character and a fear of the Lord!  They are all homeschooled and the family is DEBT FREE!  We need more examples of this in today's anti-child, debt-ridden, character-less, ungodly society!!

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