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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bookshelf in the Kitchen

As you can tell, I was busy today!  Since my daughter has a cold, I've been indoors for the past few days and I'm getting a bit cabin feverish so I had to DO something before I went crazy lol.  Yesterday, I did the spare closet clean out and you can see that here.  Then today, hubby bought 3 more black bookshelves for me and put them together tonight to boot!  ;-)  I used one in the homeschool room, the other in the laundry room and the last one in the kitchen.

We had this wall of space and it dawned on me yesterday that I could utilize that space since I had been cramming my crockpots into cabinets and it was a hassle trying to get anything out of those cabinets.  I also don't like things on my counters - I deal with the coffee pot and microwave but I really like my counters empty.  So having a bookshelf in the kitchen to store my Bosch, crockpots and other things really comes in handy.  That gave me room in my cabinets to not having everything so jam packed.  I also disliked having to go to the living room to get my cookbooks when I needed them and glad that now I have a shelf dedicated to my cookbooks!

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No Ordinary Me said...

I think it is great. I love the way the cookbooks look.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Chrissy! I wasn't sure about having a bookshelf in the kitchen but I figured since I had an empty space, might as well use it. ;-)


- said...

i like shelves in kitchens!

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