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Dental Hygiene System

*Update - Read my post on the success of this regime HERE.  I no longer have Gum Disease!!

Since I have periodontal disease and underwent deep cleaning (cleaning below the gums) and then some other tooth work, I've started using a new system of taking care of my teeth.  I guess I took them for advantage all these years but not now lol.  I don't want another cavity or another session of deep cleaning or bleeding gums, etc.  So I have done some research and came across Dr. Ellie.  She has been a dentist for 35 years from what I read and shares a system of hygiene for your teeth that makes them stronger, self-healing, whiter and can even take away sensitivity overtime.  She isn't paid for these products she recommends, only the xylitol mints/gum she sells and other items on her website Zellies.  She seems pretty legit and I've heard good things about her from other bloggers I've followed for a few years now.

So I bought the Closys and trying to use up my generic versions of Listerine and ACT before buying the original versions as she recommends and WOW what a difference in my mouth!  I haven't had to even use breath mints because my mouth is so clean!  You can download the Complete System and she tells you which products to use, when and how.  I have been doing this in the morning and at night and sometimes after dinner as well.  I haven't bought the xylitol mints yet but we plan on buying them.

I start with a rinse of Closys, then brush with an extra soft toothbrush.  This week I'm buying the recommended original Crest but for now using up my Sensodyne.  Then I rinse my mouth with the Listerine and then rinse that out with ACT.  I can't even explain to you the awesome feeling after doing this - even an hour after my breath is so fresh and clean and my mouth feels brand new!  It's been so great that hubby is getting on board and starting the system tonight! ;-)

If you follow this system, you probably won't ever have a cavity and that is what I'm hoping for.  I also want to heal my teeth and gums so this periodontal disease goes away and I won't have to get my teeth cleaned 4 times a year anymore.

I also want to persuade those who think dental insurance isn't necessary to realize that as a responsible parent, you should take care of your children's teeth and your own!  I went several years without dental insurance and paid the cost now.  However, I refuse to not take care of my daughter's teeth.  She is in my care and I will do all I can to make sure she is provided the proper care - health and dental.  

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Sabine said...

It's time I thanked you for writing this post, Bev! I followed your links and read and read and read...

I'm now on Dr. Ellie's CWT system and have read most of her book. I am amazed, just stunned really, at what I have learned. And the improvement in my teeth and gums is already apparent. It seems too good to be true.

I've e-mailed back and forth with Dr. Ellie a few times. She is very kind and helpful.

I'm in Canada so I have to buy Closys and ACT rinse through the mail. It is totally worth every cent to have my teeth hardening and re-mineralizing.

Yesterday, I noticed that I was chewing salad on my left side, which I've been avoiding for years due to a very sensitive tooth (the first 2 brushings of that tooth without Sensodyne were painful but then it started to improve). So, I tried biting a grape straight from the fridge and hardly felt a thing! Wow!

Are you on the complete system yet? I hope to read about your progress!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Wow Sabine!!!!! That is so wonderful!! Thanks for sharing your results, that gives me hope because I still have sensitivity but it only happened AFTER my dentist started removing my old fillings and replacing them with new ones and the other work I have had done. I'm hoping it goes away with time and doing the system.

I'm now doing the system - Closys/Crest/Listerine/ACT but have yet to try the xylitol mints. Are you using the xylitol as well?

My husband has had the greatest results. He hasn't been to the dentist in over 7 years (and still hasn't gone yet) - his teeth were yellow and his breath has always been very bad lol. (He said I could share this). He started the system and in ONE day, his teeth were incredibly whiter and his bad breath was GONE!!!! Now when I kiss him, I don't cringe at his breath lol. It has been a battle for me so many years with his breath and now its so great. ;-) He told me to go ahead and share his story. He is doing it once every night and his teeth look so great and his breath is so pristine he doesn't even need breath mints when we go out! I don't either by the way, unless I forget to do the system lol.


Sabine said...

Yes, my husband found xylitol for me right away, in granular form and in gum (make sure there is no other sweetener added, especially sorbitol)at the pharmacy and at the health food store. Then, I ordered a variety of Zellies products to try.

I am doing everything exactly as prescribed but I use more xylitol in hopes that it will strengthen my bones.

My husband just uses Crest and xylitol. After a couple of days of xylitol alone, all the plaque that circled his teeth fell off! It hasn't returned. He has healthy gums and teeth, in spite of not flossing. Probably because his saliva is more alkaline.

My mouth is very acidic (I bought the test strips from Zellies) and quite dry.

I'm going to order some mints, gum and candy from tomorrow. The Zellies products are very good (love the chocolate mint gum, vanilla grapefruit gum, fruit mints and peppermints!) but a bit expensive. I want to try the Xlear lemon mints. I like the Sparx candies!

I've spent quite a bit on all this stuff but it can be done much cheaper.

The xylitol may be the most important part of this system, so I hope you can get some soon! I asked my husband's Finnish cousin if it was true, what I read, that Finnish children are encouraged to chew xylitol gum after meals. She said it is! When she was young, they each had mugs and rinsed their mouths with Xylitol solution at school. I suspect it may have had fluoride or something in it because she remembers that she hated the taste of it.

It's good to hear that you are having success with your breath, both of you! I hope that your tooth sensitivity calms down, and may your new fillings stay in tight and last many years! ;o)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for letting me know all this Sabine! It's very informative and encouraging! ;-) I've thought of making my own homemade toothpaste and then doing the xylitol mints after each meal too and doing the rinse system only at night....since it has been expensive for us. Just what we are doing now for the 2 of us is $30-40 a month just for our teeth.

It definitely works and I can't wait to see what my hygeinist says at my next cleaning (I have to get cleanings 4 times a year now). I still have periodontal disease and its excruciating to floss with lots of pain and blood but hoping it will improve!!


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