Monday, October 11, 2010

October/November Baking Plan

Last month, I didn't finish my baking day and then so many things came up and we suffered for it!  I found myself buying processed items and fast food to make up the difference of missing out on our filling snacks.  I do NOT want that to happen again because I gained a few pounds and mine, hubby and daughter's tummies just didn't feel right!  It also effected our energy levels.  It is amazing when you forego the whole grain/wheat, full of fiber, natural snacks for processed fluff - ugh!  It is so crucial to have this stuff on hand for those times when we need something between meals or at night - otherwise we end up eating too much because they aren't filling.  So here is my plan for this month's snacks/baked goods:

  • Make 2 loaves bread (I do this weekly)
  • Make 24 pancakes on griddle; freeze by 2's 
  • Muffins - assemble, bake and freeze 
  • Scones - assemble, bake and put in pantry 
  • Pancake & Sausage Muffins - assemble, bake and freeze
  • Granola bars - assemble, bake and put in pantry 
  • Cookies - assemble, bake and put in pantry

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    {Bobbi} said...

    AHhh! I haven't done my freezer meal cooking this month and I'm feeling it! I NEED to get it done because we are busier than ever!

    Christian Homekeeper said...

    Yes, one month I didn't do freezer cooking and it was terrible after being used to having meals already done!


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