Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011 Garden Preparation - Part 2

Hubby removed the grass below each bed and then we placed the weed block cloth on the dirt and then placed the beds on top of that.  You can use newspaper or cardboard and from what others have shared, it will actually kill the grass for you (so less work) and over the years it turns into compost.  I wish I had known that before we did all the work in removing the grass but we worked some muscles we forgot we had so not so bad I guess lol. ;-)

My daughter and I mixed the composts, then added the peat moss and mixed it throughout and watered slightly. Then the last step was to mix in the vermiculite thoroughly and mist.  It took us about 1 1/2 hours as we were doing enough for 2 beds and it was quite the back/shoulder/arm workout!  I was so sore and so was hubby from pulling up the grass that we both slept 10 hours!  These cedar beds should last 5 years so we will not have to do any of this the next 4 years.

For reference the 5 different composts we used were: composted steer manure, composted chicken manure, mushroom compost, organic compost and 5 blend organic compost.

We have rabbits hop through our yard every spring and he was waiting on us when we came home today, so we are glad we got the fencing today!  I have to move the fencing to get to all sides of my gardens, so we just propped it up for now and it seems to be working.  Next month, we will do the vertical trellis and possibly some netting for the strawberries when they start to blossom to keep the birds away.

I planted the leftover onions in the "non"-organic soil in the containers and will be selling all the onions from these when they harvest.

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trios1977 said...

Wow! Love the pictures! It looks like you are off to a great start! I also didn't know that trick about killing the grass. Mine are all in containers since we live in an apartment... can't wait for those veggies to grow!!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

You can grow really good in containers as that is all I did a few years ago and got good results.


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