Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Socialistic Education

For far too long we have lived with a socialistic mentality when it comes to public education.  Now that my state government is trying to make budget cuts in education, many people are outraged and stormed the capitol tonight.  Among them were occupiers, teachers and other anarchists who want to bully their way into getting a free ride.  Since when is it the government's job to educate your child?  It isn't their job to do that and I think every American should pay for their own child's education instead of taking the taxpayers money.

It's not like the public educational system is any good, we have high schoolers who can't even read!  Teachers, especially those in unions, are bullying their way to get what they want - money.  Can you remember the good 'ole days when teachers had a love for the children?  Now, its for the green.  Whether you like it or not, they are taking taxes out of your paycheck and/or your families' paycheck to fund sub-par education.  Since we are forced to pay taxes for public education, then why not allow a voucher that follows the child?  The child/parent chooses the school.  THEN you will see an improvement in schools and quality education!  Capitalism gives room for excellence, and that is applicable in education.

I saw the madness at my state capitol as the police had to forcibly remove, tase and drag people away from the capitol.  People that want to take others' money so they can continue to be a leech, sucking the very life's blood out of this country.  Cuts need to happen in our state and the education department gets far too much money and they don't use it properly.  I agree with several other Republican Presidential nominees - I say its time to abolish the Department of Education.

Imagine if every American started paying for their own - food, housing, medical and education!  Taxes could be used for roads, transportation, a strong military and to help those who really need it like the elderly and disabled!  It's time we stop this entitlement mentality and realize that the government doesn't owe us anything, including public education!

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Alicia said...

Our eduction system is in shambles. When I was in college studying for my teaching degree we were taught to teach to the lowest academically functioning child in the classroom. I quickly asked what would happen to the average and excelling students. I was told they would catch the info in later grades (hopefully). Basically this method of teaching was required in order for schools to pass their state achievement tests. YIKES!!!!

I have family members who teach in the public school systems and every time I hear stories of what is required of them I'm sickened. It's all about state standards and tests. It's no longer about educating our children, loving our children, and teaching them morals and values. :(

I whole hardheartedly agree with you that it is the parents' job to do the above. Personally I don't want someone else pushing their values and morals on my child(ren) in this day and age.

Most other countries do not have free education and education is highly revered. Amazing how when one must pay for something (homes, food, education, cars, etc) they value it more.

Bye, bye Department of Education!!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Well said Alicia! You summed it all up here:

"Amazing how when one must pay for something (homes, food, education, cars, etc) they value it more."

That is it!

Ruby Rose said...

Right on the money! I've said we need a voucher system for years; even back when I was in high school! I failed 2 different classes in high school, two separate grades because there weren't enough books! I didn't have a text book and I couldn't do the work, and yet I was penalized for it.

I home educate and have since my children were born (we're the ones who teach them how to eat and go to the potty, why not continue that with the rest of their education?!)

I'm all for people paying their own way, either by actual money or earning it. Alicia is right- people do value things more when it's their hands providing it.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Right on Ruby Rose! :)

trios1977 said...

Like Ruby Rose, I remember going without textbooks in school and there not being enough desks for all the students. I remember my mother's shock when she had a meeting with some of my teachers to find out why I was failing and how they didn't seem to care at all. After that meeting, my mother tried to switch me to a better school, but the school board said NO - I had to stay where I was. Needless to say I ended up dropping out and just getting my GED and living for years with the thought that I was stupid (thanks to a teacher who repeatedly told me those words every chance she got) I can only imagine how much worse the schools are now.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Wow trios, sorry to hear that. It is all too common and even now more so with the schools. With the "no child left behind" act, kids are passed on to the next grade even when they didn't pass the prior grade.

Josephine said...

I just found your blog and have found a lot of useful information. I do plan to add you too my favorites. This post, however, I must respectfully disagree. Out of this respect, I will not elaborate, only to add that I am a Christian homeschooling mother of many years, and I still disagree.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Josephine, its ok to disagree, thanks for not debating.

Linda said...

I definitely would love to have some sort of voucher system for schooling my children when it is their time to go. I am already foreseeing homeschooling my eldest due to her advanced academic level at 3 years of age, and due to the states' cut off age of being age 5 in the August prior to the start of the school year, and her birthday falling in mid-September. The Lord has been dealing with my heart on this matter so we shall see what the future holds. I don't know why the schools hire teachers that go through unions anyway, seriously- do they need to strike every year up here for more money especially when so many families are financially struggling themselves and do not need to pay more out in taxes so their children can get a poor education? My husband didn't have books for all his classes either when he was in high school. I couldn't believe the school system failed there. :/

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Linda! :)

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