Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poll Results: What You Want Me to Blog About

Thanks to everyone that voted!  Here are the results:

  29 (78%)
  13 (35%)
Freezer Cooking, Meal Planning
  15 (40%)
Book Reviews/Notes
  2 (5%)
  2 (5%)
  21 (56%)
Self Care - hair, beauty, etc.
  18 (48%)
Videos - How-to's
  10 (27%)
Hot Topics - children/birth control, homeschooling encouragement, etc.
  14 (37%)
Marriage - role of wife
  24 (64%)
  8 (21%)
Other - leave comment
  0 (0%)

According to the poll results, here are the top choices in order from most voted to least:
  1. Homekeeping
  2. Marriage - role of wife
  3. Frugality
  4. Self Care - hair, beauty, etc.
  5. Freezer Cooking, Meal Planning
  6. Hot Topics - children/birth control, homeschooling encouragement, etc.
  7. Homeschooling
  8. Videos - How-to's
  9. Motherhood
  10. Devotionals
  11. Book Reviews/Notes

Lots of input and lots to think on, thanks so much!

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tealady said...

I don't really think that devotions were as far down as they were.The reason is if we (your fans)weren't Christians we wouldn't be here.I for one that voted for roles as a wife,frugality and homekeeping,oh and hair.I have been trying to grow mine out but I am now at that can't do a thing with it stage.

Really enjoy your blogs,please keep up with the good work.

Will be looking forward to your next posting.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks so much tealady for the input! :) I really am trying to organize my life better so that I can write/blog more. I miss writing, it is a passion and love of mine and I'm just not complete without it! I'm rescheduling a few things in our home and hoping to make them better to allow me sometime on the weekends to write hopefully in the future.

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