Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poll: What Do You Want Me To Blog About?

I have several things I want to blog about, but I did want to do a poll to see what a lot of my readers are here for.  Seeing how I blog about many things from homekeeping to devotionals, it is a plethora of posts for sure.  My time is very limited at this stage in my life, so I want to see what others want to read more of to help me decide on what to put my effort towards.

*Poll is now closed.

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Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

I personally would love to see a video or picture post of a Day in the Life of you. I'd also love a tour of your beautiful home, and your thoughts on controversial Christian topics and deep Bible study. :-)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for the input! I have thought of doing a day in the life as I've seen a lot of homeschoolers do those and they are fun to read.

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