Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bev's Homemade Salsa - Video

Hubby loves my salsa, although I don't think it is "slap-your-momma" good but he does lol.  I was making some tonight and decided to do a video and hubby decided to do a taste-test and make an appearance.  Enjoy!

The recipe is here, although I do make it differently now as in the video.  You can freeze this salsa but lately we prefer it fresh.

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Tricia said...

for some reason I can't play the video. It looks like there is no "play" button. Maybe I'm not seeing it???


Christian Homekeeper said...

Hmm, not sure because it is working for me in both Firefox and Chrome browsers. Make sure you have all your updates for flash players and plugins. Also try my main Viddler page to see if the video plays there:


Tricia said...

Ok, now I got it! Great video, and I hope you know I have a major taste for chips and salsa now, lol! Thanks for sharing!!!


Christian Homekeeper said...

Glad you got it, thanks Tricia! :)

Linda said...

That's so funny--"Slap Your Mamma Good!"

Good video.I think I'll try it sometimes.


tealady said...

This look's so good can't wait to try it.
Your husband is so funny!

That's why I married mine.

Love your videos

Christian Homekeeper said...

Hope you guys like it, thanks for the comments! :)

Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

LOL. The video was great. You and your hubby are a hoot. :-)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Joyful Christian Homemaking! :)

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