Friday, May 11, 2012

$100 a Month Grocery Challenge - Meal Plan

We are nearing the last month of freezer meals for dinners, so I don't have to plan those except for the weekend casseroles, which I do monthly.  I only purchase dinner meals on the 3rd month of my budget cycle, which you can read about here.  I decided to list my plan for breakfast, lunch, snacks and desserts and you can view our dinner meal selection here.

Egg sandwich
Egg with toast
Scone with jam

Bean burrito
PBJ sandwich
Egg salad sandwich

Carrots and hummus
Almonds & Yogurt
Popcorn and cheese
Fruit, hard-boiled egg
Shake or smoothie
Pita bread brushed with olive oil
Chips with salsa or refried beans

Granola bars
Coffee cakes
Oatmeal cookies
More to come.....

I'm still planning what my weekend casserole meals will be as those are the meals with meat.  We have been doing lasagna twice a month and chicken divan twice a month but we are all tiring of those.  I may try out a taco casserole and chicken enchiladas.

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