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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

$100 a Month Grocery Challenge

I'm doing a challenge of living on $100 this month.  This does not include toiletry items like toilet paper, toothpaste, etc., it is just grocery food items.  The reason I'm doing this is because we have spent SO much money on take-out, store-bought bread and convenience items since I was on bed rest for 5 days and also being sick during this pregnancy.  Then our car messed up twice, costing us about $1,500 to fix and it is already having another problem and then the medical bills that I have incurred through this horrific experience are piling on top of all this.  There is more, but those are the major reasons besides - hello, I'm pregnant and we have a baby coming lol.  That alone is expensive!

My new month doesn't start at the beginning of the month, it starts this week, that is just how the paycheck falls and when I get my house money.  This won't be extremely hard for me to manage because we already live off $150 a month with the occasional splurges.  I'm aiming to knock out the splurges and lower the food costs by $50 from what we spend now.  This will take more work for me as I will be whipping up more snacks homemade and get back to baking my bread, but I miss that and am so tired of the store-bought items that don't seem to fill you up!

I will be following some of the ideas from when we lived off $80 a month in 2008 here, with the exception of adding in a few meals of beef and chicken on the weekends.  The meat and cheese will be the most expensive items to purchase, since we buy them organic.  I'm planning everything today and tomorrow and part of Friday and then will do the shopping.  If time permits, I will post my meal plan soon!

My mom has tried to get me to can for years, and after getting tired of paying $2.50 for organic soup, I decided it is time to make my own and can it!  So, I will be starting that up hopefully in June and will try and post the process as I learn!

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Tay said...

I do hope you are feeling better, Bev - our family will continue to keep you and the baby in our prayers :)

I'd be very interested in seeing your menu plans for $100 a month and I am going to check out your post on the $80 per month eating plan... I know we follow different dietary guidelines with your family eating mostly Meditteranean and mine eating low-carb, but maybe I could get some ideas :)

tealady said...

I do hope your feeling better soon.There is just my hubby and I and I would find it really hard to live off $100.00 a month.Good luck.

As far as canning goes you will sure taste the difference in taste I have been canning for years and would never give up the flavor of home canned foods.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you both, tonight I wasn't off to a good start lol - it is a goal, but if I don't get recovered soon, I may not be able to reach it.

michelle said...

I too am interested in seeing how you did that. Like Tay, we too eat low carb. I wish we had a cow in the back yard! lol..Our garden is started, with some plants already outside and others growing under lights indoors. We're hoping to save on the budget there, as well as having delicious homegrown vegetables!

I'll be praying for your health!

Christian Homekeeper said...

It seems that low-carb would be quite expensive, so I'm not sure how to cut down on that. For us, cutting down on meat means a lot of savings. Lot of beans, pasta, pizza, etc. I'm basically on bed rest again today, so I haven't planned anything yet. I hope this is the end of all this and I will be back to my old self soon and post my meal plan!

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