Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1st Grocery Trip - $100/Month Grocery Challenge

It is proving difficult to make this work as we needed so much this month as the fridge was almost bare.  Thankfully, I ran into some really good sales, one being the organic salad and spinach was B1G1 free!  That saved me $5.  I also saw that the organic strawberries were on sale 2 for $4, so instead of waiting till next month, I went ahead and dipped into my stockpile money and bought 6 pounds to make jam.  I also had to buy some tahini as ours had expired, to make hummus for the next 6 months.  The tahini is a stockpile item, so I won't need to purchase it again for another 6 months.

Here is what I bought that we needed:

2 bundles organic bananas - 3.72
Hummus (until I make some) - 3.99
Organic/non-gmo corn tortilla chips - 4.29
2lb. No hormone/no antibiotic cheddar cheese - 3.99
3 boxes of butter (no hormone/antibiotic) - 5.00
24-string cheese - 6.00
24 eggs - 4.00
1 gallon organic milk - 5.58
1 lb. organic spring salad mix - 4.99
1 lb. organic spinach - free!
2 lb. organic baby carrots - 3.58


B1G1 free croutons - 1.99 (my daughter begged for these, she eats them as a snack)
Dave's Killer Bread; Sprouted wheat - 3.88 (I have to make my bread soon!)

Stockpile Items:

6lbs. organic strawberries - 12.00
1lb. Tahini - 6.99

So for totals, I spent $18.99 from stockpile budget and $51.01 in groceries.  I still have to buy milk, bananas and possibly eggs and salad before the end of the month, so that should be about $20.  I normally don't buy string cheese, but since being pregnant, I wanted to add in some more protein sources.

If I can't reach my average of $100 a month over 3 months, I may reach $120-130, that is still a savings from $150 that we were spending.  I will evaluate everything at the end of this cycle to see how it went, but so far, I'm over-budget for this month.  My goal was to spend $50 on groceries, but I spent $51.01 and then still have about $20 more to go by the end of the month.  That is $20 over budget.  However, if I can save $20 in freezer meals or my stockpile next month, I can make it all even out by the end of the 3-month period - so only time will tell!

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tealady said...

Look's a like a pretty good haul,especially the butter,around here(WI) I have been paying almost $3.00 a pound.
The only good thing is this month a local gas station was selling butter for$1.69 I stocked up a lot and now have about 50 pounds.It was not organic,here it is way to expensive.I try to grow as much as I can.
I really enjoy your blog and am really looking forward to the challenge.

Christian Homekeeper said...

The butter was on a special sale - 3 for $5, so I was glad because we needed some anyway. I used to buy just organic butter, but found that Tillamook's dairy products do not contain antibiotics or hormones, so that is 2nd best. Thanks tealady! :)

michelle said...

Where did you get that kind of cheese for that price and what brand? That sounds like a super deal!

Christian Homekeeper said...

It is Tillamook cheddar on sale this week at Fred Meyer with a coupon from the front page of their sale paper. They are having their "Founder's Day" sale and there are some pretty good deals! You are limited to one though or else I would have gotten another to freeze.

michelle said...

Oh thanks! I'll have to get one today! Great price for good cheese!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Your welcome! :)

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