Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Items Blessing

Some friends of ours blessed us with a lot of baby items they no longer had use for.  We gave them our elliptical that we will have no room for once the baby comes.  I'm so excited because we were going to have to buy a stroller/car seat and now we don't have too and the rest was just added bonuses!  Thank you Lord for the blessings!!

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chica82510 said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I know how much you longed for another child. I prayed for God to protect your womb during your pregnancy.


Alicia said...

Love how God perfectly provides all we need!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Hey, is that the Chica I remember? Thanks so much Sis for the comment and stopping by! :)

Alicia - yes He does, thanks! :)

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