Friday, December 13, 2013

Books On Feeding Babies and Toddlers

There are 2 books that I highly recommend for guidance in feeding your baby and toddler: Feed Me I'm Yours by Vicky Lansky and Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron.

I've had these books since I had my daughter and that was over 10 years ago!  They are both awesome and full of tips, feeding charts and recipes for babies and toddlers.  Super Baby Food has a section in the back with a lot of information on foods and how to cook them, puree them, store and freeze them.  Feed Me I'm Yours has recipes for things to do with holidays, birthdays and crafts.

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Sabine said...

Oh wow, a flash from the past. I used Feed Me I'm Yours for my daughters who are 37 and 35 now!

Christian Homekeeper said...

That is amazing Sabine! :-)

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