Thursday, December 22, 2016

Series: Proper Roles of Male and Female

In the age of tolerance, we have allowed there to be no right or wrong.  We have allowed everything to simply be accepted out of the guise that we are loving in that regard.  How can we, who are to be like Christ, accept the things for which Christ does not?  Have we reached a greater level of love than God Himself?  The Bible says that God is angry at the wicked everyday!  Wow, God - maybe you should try being a bit more tolerant and accepting of others who aren't like you.  Someone really needs to tell God how to live in our day and age.

Just because you do not accept something, doesn't mean you hate the person doing it.  God loves everyone but He hates sin.  He has clearly given all Christians the proper mindset to have and if we don't have it, we do not have Christ.

This applies to what I'm about to start hopefully a series on - the proper roles of male and female.  Society today wants you to be quiet about what is RIGHT and give them the stamp of approval for their skewed lifestyles.  However, no matter how genderless they get - they can never erase nature and God's law, as it is in our hearts.  You must understand they are fighting God, not you, though you will be hated for being the voice of God.  So, should you just sit back and be quiet and not tell anyone the truth?  Satan would love for you to do that!  His primary goal is to silence Christians and the Word of God.  If he could just silence us - he could ramp up the sin factor a bit more and destroy God's creation like never before

What I'm going to cover in this series - I may add more or combine some as I write these but this is my current plan:

Part 1 -  God's Design
Part 2 - The Male Role
Part 3 - The Female Role
Part 4 - Gender Reversal
Part 5 - In Summary

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tealady said...

Merry Christmas Bev to you and your family. I am so looking forward to this topic,with this series I can only imagine all the questions and comments this will bring up, great topic.

Bev said...

Merry Christmas to you too Tealady! 😀

deniecebarnes said...

Merry Christmas Bev and to your lovely family. I received your lovely Christmas card and I have already sent you a Christmas card back. I agree with Tealady this new series is a great topic and I'm looking forward to this series.

Bev said...

Awesome DeNiece! Glad you ladies are interested, I'm already working on the first post and hope to have it up soon depending on how this Christmas break goes.

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