Friday, March 10, 2017

Silent Approval

I have had quite the extended break from blogging and it wasn't planned, but life has took some unexpected turns.  I have to say I have never faced things that I'm facing now.  My beliefs on certain things have changed and God has really melted my heart in love for others.  I started loving people so much and God gave me new eyes hungry to be the hand of God touching people everywhere I went.

I came to the realization that I had been so judgemental of so many things.  I had been around those who were this way and thus, I became like them.  It wasn't until I disassociated myself from them and socialized with those that were full of God's love, that I changed.  And oh, what a change it has been and I never want to go back to who I was!

There is a real problem that we are facing today in the church world.  We have allowed traditions of men to drown out the move of the Holy Spirit in our services.  We have allowed ourselves to hold other people's sins as something so great that not even God could forgive them.  We have allowed the preaching to turn sour and hard to the point we are killing our own wounded.  And yet - everyone is silent on the matter.  Why are they silent?  Because they know the retaliation they will experience if they spoke up about the injustices to God's people.

By remaining silent - we willfully give approval for it to continue.

The discouragement felt by so many has caused people to give up in so many areas of their lives and commit sin.  Then, when they commit sin, they know they will be harshly judged by their brethren - so that drives them to anger and then that drives them to more sin and the flaunting thereof and soon thereafter - total destruction of their soul.  All because others have been silent and "suffered" the wrong spirit to continue and allowed indifference to settle in in many areas.

I've taken time to chew on all that God has shown me and that in hindsight.  I myself, have experienced my own personal battle of extreme magnitude.  However, one thing remains clear - I, by the grace and mercy of God, will never stop serving God.  I have a renewed passion for those who are hurting and for the wrongful handling of God's people.  My prayers have been that of mercy and love for everyone because I myself need both in abundance.

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