Friday, February 2, 2018

Reader Appreciation WINNERS!

The giveaway has ended and I decided that since only 2 of my readers entered, I would go ahead and give you both a gift of your choice!  The winners are:





Homequeen - see note below

*DeNiece you told me you would like the blender, just email me your updated address.
*Tealady - you didn't mention what you wanted, let me know and email me your mailing address.  You can choose from the vacuum, blender or Body Shop mini gift set.
*Homequeen - I'm so sorry about it only being open to US residents, I didn't know how to ship one of these items overseas or the costs involved.  Please email me your address and which gift you would like, and I will check the costs of shipping.  I'm SO glad to hear from you!!  Is this the same Homequeen from several years ago (Heather)?  I hope you are well and so glad you are still "here" on the blog.

Thanks so much to you ladies for being long-time readers and friends!  I really want to meet you one day and I pray the Lord makes a way! 😊

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Bev said...

Tealady - I got your comment on here but didn't publish it because I figured you wouldn't want your mailing address public online. I already mailed your package, you should get it Monday! Enjoy!

Bev said...

DeNiece, I got your comment as well, thanks! Yours will be there by Tuesday. Enjoy! I look forward to your letter!

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