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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hair Tools Video

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hair Care 101; Coconut Oil Treatments

I was talking with a Sister tonight about using coconut oil to help prevent breakage. A few people have told me they started to do the treatments and one Sister's hair has improved greatly and even grew! She was telling me about it a week or so ago and I noticed the difference in her hair!!

So with that said, I have been doing this for as long as I've been a Christian (almost 10 years). My first Pastor's wife showed me to use it on my ends before I curl my hair, but my WHOLE head at the time was dry from a perm I got right before I got saved, so I put it all over and since then I still do that!

You don't just dab a little on. You actually COAT the hair in oil - drench it. I normally do it on Sunday night since I normally just clean the house on Monday and I can leave it in a long time. Since tonight it was time for a treatment, I decided it would be helpful to others to show just what I mean by drench it! Hubby took photos for me after I coated my hair (which takes me a good 15 minutes).

I do it in sections and from root to tip I put it on, putting a lot more on my ends because they are double processed from perms. You may ask why I put it on my new hair that is not processed - well, I want it to be in the best condition it can, because it will one day be my ends!

Once I've done all my hair, I use a fine tooth comb and comb through from roots to the ends all over. Then I flip my hair and add more oil on the hair while its flipped over and then I comb it again and wrap in a bun or braid.

I do this twice a month and use the Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo when its time to wash it out and then follow that with Finesse Moisturizing Conditioner. You will notice you will still have some oil left in your hair but that is ok! It will come out in the next wash, 2 or 3 days later and you should still be able to style your hair normally.

Click the photo to enlarge if you need to:

My hair (the permed part) has been really dry lately because of all the heat I've been using. I've been straightening my permed part so it matches my new growth or curling it. So if I keep using the heat on the permed portion, I may increase my coconut oil treatments from twice a month to every week. I used to do it every Monday with my first perm back in 99/2000 and it worked wonders, so I may have to do that again or just not use heat and let my hair be half permed/half straight and wear it back like I do sometimes. When I do this, I use the Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner on the permed portion and then let it air dry and put the sides back.

Ok hope the photos help you all in some way realize I'm talking about drenching the hair, not just barely putting it on there! If you have permed hair, this will help. If you have un-processed hair - well it might help if you use heat a lot on your hair, but usually un-processed hair looks great already and that is what I'm headed back to as soon as my perm grows out (which will be probably 2 years!).

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Hair Care 101; Hair Products

Here is the list of products I use or have used and that I recommend! I will also be doing a post on Hair Tools, which will show the combs, hair dryers, irons, etc.


  • Finesse Volumizing Shampoo - I love this stuff!
  • Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo - I use this only to remove buildup once every 2 weeks (twice a month usually)


  • Finesse Moisturizing Conditioner

Leave-in Conditoners:

  • Garnier Fructis Sleek n' Shine leave in conditioner - this is my miracle product! I've used it for about 2 years now and love it. For the first few months after my perm in 07, this is all I used on my hair! I would wash my hair and then put in the leave-in and let it air dry.


    • Suave Sculpting Gel - I use level 10, but have tried 8 and 9 in the past. It is alcohol free and inexpensive and works great! It doesn't flake either.


    • John Freida FrizzEase Moisture Barrier Hairspray - don't use too much, it holds very well but if you use too much there is no going back unless you wash it out lol
    • Suave Max hold #8 Hairspray - Light and you don't have to worry about using too much; it works good on taming flyaways


    I started out using the coconut oil in the ethnic hair care section, called Blue magic. I used this for years and it worked well. I then saw it was not plain coconut oil but also had petrolatum in it, so I stopped using it and started using Louana 100% coconut oil from Wal-mart and it works great and its cheap too!

    • Louana Coconut Oil - the kind you buy in the grocery aisle! Take some in your hands and rub together until it emulsifies and turns from a solid to a liquid oil, then apply to hair. I coat my hair once a month and put it in a bun and then wash it out the next day or a few hours later. You can also put it on just the ends lightly before curling your hair.
    • Blue Magic Hair Conditioner - works better for ethnic/women of color because it has petrolatum in it along with the coconut oil.

    Heat Protectant:

    • got2b crazy sleek, hot smooth, flat iron and blow dry lotion - you use this after you towel dry your hair if you plan on using heat on your hair. I've only used it a few times and noticed it actually helps hold curl too!
    • Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray - I absolutely love this stuff! Not only does it smell so good, it makes my hair softer and protects against heat damage from my flat iron. When I curl my hair with my flat iron, this causes it to hold the curl more then without. I highly recommend it.

    Hair Serum/Shine Products:

    • Citre Shine Colour Prism Glossing Gelle - My Favorite! I love this stuff! It smells like citrus and then gives you a wonderful shine. I mostly use it when I wear my hair curly (what's left of my curly perm). I mix it in the palm of my hand with my Garnier leave-in cream and then apply to my hair from the shoulders down to the ends.
    • got2b Dazzling Shine Spray - It's light because its a spray, so you can slowly add it on where needed. I like that it gives a more even coverage then if you put shine serum on your hand. I use this when I straighten my hair (sometimes, depending on how dry it looks) and also when I hot roll my hair or use a curling iron to create curls. Get ready for silky hair! ; )

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    Sunday, January 4, 2009

    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Posts Index

    Here are the posts for "My Hair Story" in order, if you would like to review them:

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7 - misnumbered them, so there are 2 part 7's
    Part 7
    Part 8
    Part 9

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    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 9

    In Part 8, we left off at March 2008 (1 year after the perm) with my hair at 30 inches and 4 inches of new growth that year. From March up until August, I had to work with my hair to try and disguise the fact that part was straight and the other part permed. I continued to have to use gel and a blow dryer to get it to look right, it was still very dry, and I would also straighten it sometimes and then curl it with a curling iron or hot rollers as shown in the photos below:

    I did the above for months, until it dawned on me that I could just straighten and/or curl JUST the permed part and leave my new growth untouched! So I started to do that, leaving my new growth and scalp alone and my hair grew rapidly and the condition of my new growth is black, shiny and silky. Also, I started using the leave-in conditioner again and letting my hair air dry more often, even though my curls from the perm aren't as tight, its much easier on my hair that way. If I want all my hair straight, I just straighten the permed part. If I want to curl my hair, I just curl the permed part now.

    Next, I discovered the reason that my hair seemed to have stopped fixing and looking like it used to: Garnier Fructis changed their ingredients in their Shampoo that I had used for over a year. The shampoo now has SLS in it. I've read that SLS is drying on the hair, and so I have since gone back to Finesse Bodifying Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner and have already in just a short time, noticed a difference. I still use the Garnier Fructic leave-in condtioner though.

    Here is my hair a few days ago after curling just the permed part:

    You can see how much lighter my permed hair is from my new growth (which is black, some dark brown). My new growth is now at 12 inches of new hair since my perm!! Total length right now is 38 inches. In just 9 months, my hair grew 8 inches! I credit it to my supplements, diet, taking better care of my hair, not perming it again and most importantly prayer! I hope to get my "old" hair back that I used to have in 2005 before my 2 perms by taking care of it like I used to from now on.

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    Saturday, January 3, 2009

    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 8

    We left off in Part 7 talking about the perm I had gotten in March 2007 (probably my last perm). My hair was ok for a year or so after the perm. I had used Garnier Fructis Color Treated (color treated shampoo/conditioner's work for permed also) Shampoo and Conditioner and then the leave-in and that was it! No gels, no blow-drying, etc.

    Then, my hair started to get drier and break off more. I had no idea why it started to do that as I was doing what I had always done. (I will tell you what caused this in future posts as I found out) My curls were not as curly anymore either because once curls are dry, they usually have a hard time holding the curl. Curls that are moisturized show the best curl, just ask someone with curly hair! I had no clue what was causing this, and I had to start using gel in my hair (alcohol free) and then blow-dry my hair holding the hair scrunched as I dried it to get my hair to look right. So I did this for months and lost inches, but luckily my hair was growing at a good rate on top or I would have had even shorter hair than I did in this photo:

    This photo was taken one year after my perm. You can see in the photo, how much length I had lost! My hair above was approximately 30 inches long (remember it was at its longest 50 inches before the 2 perms in 2005 and then 2007). In the one year since getting a perm, my hair had grown with new growth but only 4 inches. Remember how long my hair was when I first got the perm? Then look at it above, a year after, even with new growth it is so much shorter.

    I also started straightening my hair (to match my new growth) and was frustrated that my hair was so dry and frizzy and no longer had that nice look with my curls when left air-dried. So I contemplated getting another perm and even set it up to do so, but my husband mentioned that my hair would just keep getting shorter and shorter and more damaged. Did I want long hair or did I want to keep making it shorter for vanity was the question that rang through my mind. I made the choice to NOT get another perm.

    So this part ends at a year after I got my perm, March 2008. The next few posts will continue on from this point up until today. I also have a slideshow compilation of all the photos with captions and then we will start the "Hair Products" posts showing what I have used in the past, what I still use and what works, etc.

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    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 7

    We left off in Part 6, where I had gotten my first perm in 2005. My hair was still full and lovely UNTIL we moved from Alaska to Washington. In WA, we lived in a place that had well water (nothing wrong with that) BUT the water had very high levels of iron, it was even orange and would stain our toilet, sink and tub within a day. My daughter's hair even got an orange tint. My hair became very, very thin and so did my daughter's. At first I had thought it was my health because I had some severe health issues with my heart and liver in Alaska and upon arriving in WA that caused my hair to fall out in the front a little, as you can see below in the photo the bare patch in the front. However, seeing what it did to my daughter's hair too and reading about how heavy iron levels in your water damages your hair and its irreversible.....made me scared! So I started to wash my hair with distilled water and that was a task! I ended up going back to the shower head to wash my hair and watched my hair just get worse and worse and break off dramatically.

    Now, my hair was already porous (after having a perm) so maybe had it been unprocessed, it would not have been effected as bad as it was. Nevertheless, we moved to another location that did not have high iron levels in the water! It seems like my hair would not grow at all even, my perm was about 2 years old but my growth was barely a few inches!

    However, the damage had been done and I had lost SO MUCH length. My hair went from near my knees up to my backside (that's a lot of inches lost!) So what did I do? Stupid me, figured all was lost, so might as well get another perm. <---STUPID!!! I got this perm in March 2007. The perm was great and I didn't have much breakage at all with the perming process, although my hair really didn't need the extra processing!

    You can't see the length fully, but you can tell it isn't as full toward the ends as it used to be before I got a perm and had the "iron water" experience. I started to use Garnier Fructis Color treated/permed Shampoo and Conditioner around this time and also used the Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner every time!! In the beginning I was using some alcohol-free gels but eventually all I needed was leave-in conditioner and then I let my hair air-dry. NO HEAT!
    I began to pray on my hair asking God to help me recover from the damage that I did to it and to make the hair grow in my "bare" spot in the front. And it did!!! I have more hair there now and my hair is getting better.

    Here is a photo almost a year after my 2nd perm (I had red eyes in the photo, so I made them black with editing software......they aren't black in real life LOL, they are green lol). You can see that my hair had FINALLY started growing again! I had new growth and it grew in nice and black and lovely and silky just like old times lol.

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    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 7

    We left off in Part 6, with my hair being at its longest (50 inches) and very healthy. Enter: Stupidity!! I was tired of straight hair, tired of curling it if I wanted curl and yada yada yada. (Wish I could go back in time but I can't!). So I got a perm (2005). I figured it was going to be great, I would have curly hair all the time and could straighten it if I wanted to. It was nice in the beginning and I loved it:

    I had a lot of breakage with my perm, especially along the hairline. Although I didn't lose any length (yet), it was coming as I soon found out. Here is another photo a few months after I had gotten my perm and still loving it:

    It was easy to fix, I would just wash and gel and let it air dry. I still did not use a blow dryer.

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    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 6

    We left off in Part 5, at my hair being at my backside and in the year 2004. In mid 2005, my hair grew to my mid thighs. It was super healthy, shiny and so easy to style and manage! Time did a story on me (if you didn't know, don't worry bout it!), and they did a few photo shoots too. The first picture below is from one of those photo shoots. I have cut out my daughter because I don't want her face online to the public.

    The next 2 photos are me in a dress that my husband absolutely loved on me. He called it my "Lord of the Rings" dress. I still have it, its just a bit too small (for now) but hopefully will fit one of these days lol. Anyway, we are not concerned about the dress....*ahem*.....just the hair! I had washed my hair and left it in a braid to dry. I then took it down and that is the wave that you see in my hair.

    This was the longest my hair has gotten, it was at about 50 inches here. I was doing the same thing with my hair as I have described in previous posts. Same shampoo, etc.

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    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    Hair Care 101; Hair Care Part 1

    Here are some things I forgot to mention! Some of your comments brought them back to my memory, so thank you! : ) This will start the "Hair Care" posts, but I will also be finishing the "My Hair Story" ones as well. Just wanted to insert this in, since I forgot to include them in the first 6 posts.

    When I put conditioner in my hair in the shower, I bend over, flipping my hair over my face and put it all over (lots of it) on all the hair, except the scalp. Then, I take a wide tooth comb (I keep one in the shower) and comb through my hair starting at the ends. Then I put my hair gently in a sort of bun (not tight at all, just loosely) at the back of my head and put a shower cap over it. I then wash my body, shave, etc, usually leaving in the conditioner for about 3-5 minutes. Then rinse and you can do your last rinse for a minute with very cold water, its supposed to add extra shine by sealing the cuticle but I don't always do the cold rinse.

    Never, ever, ever, never lol..........use a brush on wet hair! If you must comb your hair after getting out of the shower, use a wide tooth comb!

    Then a VERY important step that I failed to mention (but will go back eventually and insert into the posts) is using a clarifying shampoo every 2 weeks to once a month. I have done this for YEARS and I believe everyone should do it. Shampoos, conditioners, products, etc build up on the hair over time. Have you ever noticed when you switch to a different shampoo that your hair will look better the first time you used that different shampoo? Well, its not because you need to switch brands of shampoos all the time, it is because that new shampoo is a different formulation and has been able to remove some of the buildup of your regular shampoo. But keep using that new shampoo and then change again, and you will notice the same thing.

    So how do you remove the buildup and keep using the same shampoo/conditioner for years? Do what I have been doing! I used to use Neutrogena's Anti-Residue shampoo but now I have found a cheaper version that works the same: Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, I LOVE THIS STUFF! Now, this stuff will remove buildup from your hair and you only need to do it every 2 weeks or once a month. Unless, you use a lot of product in your hair, you will need it more often but not too much. So every 2 weeks, I use it for one shampoo and then follow up with normal conditioner and then the next shampoo I go back to my normal shampoo.

    If you never remove that buildup, your hair will look dull, lifeless and limp, not to mention it will clog your follicles and prevent faster hair growth! So keep your scalp and hair free from buildup by doing this step every 2 weeks or once a month!

    In a later post (more towards the end), I will do a Product List, which will include all products and hopefully photos too that I use and/or recommend!

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    Monday, November 24, 2008

    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 5

    We left off with my hair after I had my daughter at the end of 2003 being at my backside. From here on, it didn't grow so quickly, and I believe it had to do with the fact that I grew 10 inches in a year, most of that during pregnancy! I guess it was taking a break lol.

    So now we pick up towards the end of 2004, after I had lost all my baby weight (57 pounds!) and my hair was just a bit longer than my backside, I'm guessing it only great 4 inches the year after having my daughter. I was still doing the SAME thing with the Finesse shampoo/conditioner and NO hairspray and no blow drying (maybe occasionally but I don't remember) and those coconut treatments once a month, sometimes once every 2 months. I didn't need product in my hair still because it looked great after letting it air dry still and when I would hot roll my hair about twice a month, the curls would last days.

    Now, I was posing in these photos at the time, to show off my 57 pound weight loss after having my baby, but this is what I found for that time period showing my hair:

    This next one is funny because whether you can tell or not, my hair was actually thrown over the FRONT of my face lol. My husband had me do it, we were a bit crazy back then (still are lol). Nevertheless, it was a good shot of my hair at that time. I had shed the normal "after having baby" hair, so it wasn't as thick but then hair is very fine and thin, I just have a lot of follicles that sometimes make it look thick as I've said before in the Introduction post.

    So now we have gone from Dec 1999 when my hair was at my chin to late 2004. That is roughly 5 years and my hair was past my backside, about 38 inches in 5 years.

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    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 4

    I told you all it was going to be a lot of posts, we are just now reaching the halfway point (I think lol). If you are just now coming to my blog, you have a lot of catching up to do! I had the Introduction post, then Part 1, 2 and 3 already! So get to reading.......I plan on going through this quickly because I have more posts for other topics coming next week. ; )

    Last post, I ended with my hair being at the middle of my back in mid 2002. Now we jump to Nov 2003, one year later and also right after I had my baby. My hair grew SO MUCH while I was pregnant! It grew in one year, a whopping 10 inches! It also grew in jet black again with some of my hair towards the ends being dark brown.

    As you can see it was long (to my backside) and shiny and healthy. It was like silk and I was still only using Finesse shampoo and conditioner with NO other products on my hair and letting it air dry and the occasional curling with hot rollers and still doing the coconut oil treatments, although sometimes it was only once a month.

    I long to get pregnant again so I can grow some hair LOL. It was also thicker, because as most people know, you stop shedding hair when you are pregnant and then it is released after the birth of the baby and most people describe it as their hair falling out in handfuls. But don't fret, that is the normal process for hair with pregnancy and birth of a baby. You can google that, not really going to get into a big discussion on that right now.

    So from Dec 1999 to Nov 2003, my hair went from my chin to my backside, that is just about 4 years time to get it that long. That is roughly 26 inches in 4 years of new growth; It was about 34 inches above at the time.

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    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 3

    I began to see the rewards of prayer for my hair and use of coconut oil treatments. This was taken in Dec. 2001:

    I started using only Finesse Bodifying Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner and that's it! I didn't use products on my hair, not even hairspray! I would do the coconut oil treatment every 2 weeks, instead of every week because my hair was so healthy and shiny. It looked good when it air dried even! I didn't need a blow dryer and didn't want to use one either. I was still just washing my hair 3 times a week.

    The next year, after losing 60 pounds, my hair had grown to the middle of my back. This was in 2002:

    I loved my hair at this time, it looked good air dried straight, didn't need any products and then looked good when I curled it and the curl would last until I washed it, 2 days later! It was the easiest hair to manage that I have ever had and I couldn't even FIND split ends in my hair.

    So now we have covered from Dec 1999 when my hair was at my chin till mid 2002, about 2 1/2 years time, my hair went from chin to the middle of my back, growing at a rate of about 6 inches a year.

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    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 2

    So began the "letting my perm grow out" process. At the time, I was still learning about hair and didn't practice what I practice now. So I started curling my hair all the time with rollers. I used those Caruso steam rollers (ya'll remember those? I still have them lol). Within a year my hair had grown past my shoulders and was very light on the ends from the perm (perms lighten your hair in case you didn't know that):

    You can see that parts of my perm wouldn't curl with the steam rollers above, so it was odd but got better, wait and see in future posts! I started to PRAY for my hair, seriously......pray for your hair!

    I only washed my hair on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays! That is the schedule I followed back then. I started to NOT use hairspray at all around this time also after reading about its effects on hair. So all I used was shampoo and conditioner (at the time it was the Kirkland brand from Costco). I also didn't use a blowdryer, I let my hair dry naturally most of the time.

    Here is a photo where it started to get a bit straighter and I started using regular hot rollers:

    You can see that my ends were golden from the perm a year before and they were dry from the chemical processing but I dealt with it. This is around the time I started coating my hair (heavily) from root to ends with coconut oil! I had learned this from my Pastor's wife, she had long, beautiful thick hair and she shared with me that she puts it on her ends before she curls it. BUT.....I thought since most of my hair was processed, why not put it all over lol.

    I did the coconut oil treatment every Monday and let it stay in there all day and washed it out the next. I did this for years (still practice it today) and it works! I think coconut oil is one of the best treatments for your hair and I didn't just dab a bit back then, I coated every strand on my head! But it worked and you will see in the next post how it helped my hair recover from the perm while it grew out!! That and prayer, my hair grew and became the best hair I ever had in my life!

    I will be doing a product post towards the end with the products I recommend and use.

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    Hair Care 101; My Hair Story Part 1

    I'm going to start the photos from when I became a Christian and started keeping my hair uncut and letting it be long. I started with chin-length red hair (that was dyed lol). This was in 1999:

    I was 19 and in the USAF at the time. I had just met my (future) husband and started going to church. Right before I got saved, I got a perm in Hawaii (while on vacation there). The perm was a flop and only left a wave really. Here is a photo of the perm:

    Back then, I didn't know anything really about hair care. I had always just shampooed and conditioned and sometimes just used a 2-n-1 when I was working in the Air Force. When I got the perm, I started using gel and letting it air dry. I hardly ever blow dried my hair anyway. It's funny now that I think about it, but I was notorious for wearing my hair wet till it dried to church and around town lol.

    I started to ask around and read books to learn more on how to take care of my hair, since I knew God wanted me to leave it uncut and let it be long to honor my head (my husband), and it is my covering (and glory) and also for the angels as the Bible commands.

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    Hair Care 101; Introduction

    Thank you all for voting in the hair poll! I see that we got 45 votes and here are the results:

    What type of hair do you have?

    16 (35%)

    20 (44%)

    5 (11%)

    4 (8%)

    The majority of my readers have wavy hair, followed by straight, curly and then 4 of us with permed hair. I have naturally stick straight hair but am growing out a perm that I had a year and a half ago.

    In case you didn't know, after the hair has grown out of the follicle it is dead. There are different types of hair and also different amounts of follicles that vary from person to person. For instance, I have very fine, thin hair but I have a lot of follicles, so it can sometimes look like I have thick hair.

    Here are some hair "facts":
    • Average number of hairs on the head: 100,000
    • With reddish hair: 90,000
    • With black hair: 110,000
    • With blond hair: 140,000
    • Maximal length of hair: 70 to 90 cm (27 to 35 inches - not so see below)
    • Annual growth: 12 cm (about 4.7 inches - not so see below)
    • It is normal to lose 100 hairs per day from the scalp.

    Now, those numbers can't be facts because my hair currently is 39 inches long curly (not sure what it is straight) and it was longer than that a few years ago before I got a perm (reaching around 50 inches). Then I have grown 10 inches of new hair since I got my perm in March 07. So that was more than 4.7 inches a year. So those numbers don't apply to everyone and it can depend on your health, age and what you eat as well.

    Knowing what type of hair you "naturally" have is key to hair care, unless you have processed hair, which needs lots of TLC! I will be sharing with you, my tips and what I have done over the years and the mistakes I've made also and how I'm learning from them. I hope you will glean something useful from this series on Hair Care for yourself!

    Next post, starts my hair story......that is the best way I could see to discuss all that I have done over the years. So I will use each photo as a discussion point.

    As we go along, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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