Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Warriors

I've heard one of my Pastors speak about this many times over the pulpit, so when I did my Bible reading today, many thoughts flooded my mind and I remember his comparison of some with weekend warriors.  In the military we would have these soldiers come to help on various tasks, just on the weekends.  They were not active duty but rather what we call "weekend warriors".  Then you had the committed - those who took an oath to serve their country - the full timers - the ones whose lives were fully committed to the cause.

Much is the same in the Christian world.  You have those who have laid down their lives to serve the Lord and are full timers and fully committed.  Then you have those weekend warriors, who simply clock in their time once a week, never really wanting anything more.  When you try to ask them to give more, they get defensive and give you a list of excuses of why they don't have the time.

OH but those whose time is given to the Lord and whenever the church doors are open they want to be there!  Those whose lives are truly owned by God, whom crave for more and they get more!

What kind of men were the disciples?  Were they weekend warriors?  I think some would probably scoff at you if you went to church and were around the brethren DAILY, but you would be in good company, as the Disciples did this very thing.  Notice how Church and God was their LIFE, it wasn't just an hour a week - they truly lived and breathed a life full of God. 

Acts 2:46
"And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,"

Acts 5:42 
"And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ."

I wonder if even back then, they got scoffed at for preaching and teaching so much?  I wonder if there were those who said that the Disciples are a little bit too fanatical and are taking this thing a little too far.  I mean we have a life after all.  Oh yes, you have a life but it can't include too much of God because that would be taking this God thing a bit too far - that would making him your Lord or something.  

Our church has services 4 days a week and you should hear the multitudes scoffing and criticizing about who in the world would go to church that much!?  We have been having prayer meetings on the off nights lately and they have been an incredible blessing to not only me but my husband as well!  My daughter is even starting to pray on her own at prayer meeting!!!!!!!  I was praying like always and then I saw her get down on her knees and pray and ask Jesus something that she needed help with.  Then she said Amen and sat back up and throughout the hour of prayer - she did this a few times more.  I don't think she noticed that I noticed but OH WHAT JOY TO SEE MY DAUGHTER at 5 years old asking Jesus for help!  What a blessing!

So scoffers go ahead and do your thing but my life is wholly lost in Jesus and I just can't get enough of this God thing!  It is my life!

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Candy-Faith said...

Great to hear about your daughter too :) So precious isnt it!

:) candy

Christian Homekeeper said...

Yes it was very precious! This devotional was so special to me as God dealt with my heart during my personal devotional time. I had remembered many times Rev Kekel using this same illustration and how God had no reservists in the Army of the Lord. It really spoke to me and provoked me to do more for the Lord and count my life as nothing but for the Master's use! ;)

Thanks for the comment Candy!


twocans1 said...

Two thumbs up!!

Christian Homekeeper said...

So does that mean both cans have thumbs out and they are hitch hiking? hehe =0 Thanks Twocans! ~Bev

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