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Pure, Frugal and Godly

Saw this on another blog today and thought it was awesome! For one, I care little for the government which presides at  Washington, in comparison with the government which rules the millions  of American homes. No administration can seriously harm us if our home  life is pure, frugal, and godly . No statesmanship or legislation can  save us, if once our homes become the abode of profligacy . The home  rules the nation. If the home is demoralized, it will ruin it. The real  seed corn whence our Republic sprang was the Christian households  represented in the Mayflower , or the family alter of the Hollander  and the Huguenot . All the best characters, best legislation,  best institutions, and best church life were cradled in those early  homes. They were the taproot of the Republic, and of the American  churches. - Theodore L. Cuyler 1822 – 1909

My "Medicine" Cabinet

Not necessarily medicine but for classification purpose, I decided to go ahead and call it that because it is in a way - just not the traditional approach.  I will be updating this post and my sidebar as I stock up my cabinet.  I used to use so many herbal remedies and supplements years ago and now we are returning to a more alternative approach. Astragalus - my #1 choice for improving my immune system; dosage: 1tsp daily Echinacea - only taken 10 days at a time at the first sign of sickness; dosage: 1tsp 4x day when sick Raw organic garlic - 1 clove a day for good health; 2 cloves a day when sick Garlic oil - ear drops when have a cold or ear infection; dosage: 2x day when sick Fish oil - from deep ocean waters not farm-raised fish!  Molecular distilled with no pcbs/dioxins and guaranteed purity and potency with no mercury; dosage: 1200mg daily L-lysine - 1000mg daily when sick Black Currant Oil - dosage: 500mg 2x daily for hair growth, skin and nails Dr Weil supplement