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Hair Update - April 2010

Last post I did on my hair was July 2009 !  I finally got out the measuring tape today.  As you may recall, I have been growing out my old (2) perms.  Here are the current stats:  My hair is now 32.5 inches long at the longest point in the back.  I have 18 inches of new hair and 14 inches of perm left in some areas and less in others.  Its really tricky because I grew brand new hair around my face that wasn't there before the perm - it is all new and totals 22 inches!  Then I have different lengths all around my head - so go figure. These stats mean I've lost 5.5 inches of old, processed, permed hair since July.  I knew it would break off, after all - perms are damaging to anyone's hair!  It was sad to watch my hair get shorter and shorter and even some asked me if I cut it - not sure why they thought evil of me and not good - but I haven't cut my hair since 1999 when I was 19. I took some quick pics today in the bathroom mirror - yes those white spots are spots on

Quote on Sin

O, the work that sin has done in the world! This is the enemy that has brought in death; that has robbed and enslaved man, that has turned the world upside down, and sown the dissensions between man and the creatures, between man and man, yea, between man and himself, setting the physical part against the rational, the will against the judgment, lust against conscience; yea, worst of all, between God and man, making the sinner both hateful to God and the hater of God. This is the traitor that thirsted for the blood of the Son of God, that sold Him, that mocked Him, that scourged Him, that spat in His face, that mangled His body . . . condemned Him, nailed Him, crucified Him. . . . This is the bloody executioner that has killed the prophets, burned the martyrs, murdered all the apostles, all the patriarchs, all the kings and potentates; that has destroyed cities, swallowed empires, and devoured whole nations. Whatever weapon it was done by, it was sin that caused the execu

Human Pesticide Turns 50

I had seen the CNN news report the other day and watched the video of the "celebration" of the birth control pill's 50th anniversary.  The career women at CNN were rejoicing in how it started the sexual revolution and how women didn't have to worry anymore about a child interfering in their lives and careers and sexual pursuits.  They could sleep around with whomever, wherever and not risk the chance of conceiving a child (gasp!) that would prevent them from fulfilling their desires.  Ah, yes.....that lovely little pill paved the way for freedom for the modern woman.  It was the feminists prayer answered. What did women do BEFORE the pill 50 years ago?  Could it be they had even more of a reason to NOT commit fornication and adultery and thus stayed faithful?  Could it be that they stayed home and fulfilled their Godly role?  Was the birth control pill really the great tool it is played up to be or was it rather the great tool of immorality? Now the modern woman

A Mother's Proper Balance

Person A 's life consists of displaying perfection.  She doesn't have time for her children because she is too busy being perfect.  She prides herself on her self-perceived perfection and thinks that others feel the same. However, others see neglected children dressed in rags all the while her home is pristine and she is groomed to the max.  She constantly scoffs at others imperfections, lack of grooming and untidy homes to boost her own self esteem.  They see Mrs. Perfect decked out in her finest array and then they see standing next to her - disheveled, disobedient, crying for attention children. Person B 's life consists of herself.  She doesn't have time for her children much less her house.  She neglects both and could care less about her appearance.  If someone is ever in need she doesn't have the time because she is too busy worrying about herself and her problems and her life.  She is self-consumed and therefore has no room for anyone else. 

Take Heed What You Hear (and Read!)

“Take heed what you hear” (Mark 4:24): the word “hear” obviously includes what is read, for that which is written or printed is addressed to the ears of our intellect. Few people today realize the urgent need for “taking heed” unto what they read. Just as the natural food which is eaten either helps or hinders the body—so the mental food we receive either benefits or injures the mind, and that, in turn, affects the heart. Just as it is harmful to listen to the rubbish and poison which is being served from the great majority of present-day pulpits—so it is exceedingly injurious to the soul to read most of what is now being published. “Take heed what you hear” and read! - A.W. Pink "Christian apologetics and discernment are very serious things. It is very easy to incorporate the ways of the world into method and focus in this. When this happens then attacks on professing Christians come from an impure motive. This then causes the ones making the accusations to use slander, speaki

The Noble and Benign Office of Wife and Mother

This is absolutely amazing!  This is the answer from a Court Justice back in 1873 denying this Bradwell woman the office of a lawyer.  Although, some mock some of these words - how true they are and in line with God's word.  We need more men and women that will keep the "harmony of the family institution" as Justice Bradley describes below. BRADWELL V. ILLINOIS (1873) Justice Bradley concurring in the opinion of the Court. The civil law, as well as nature herself, has always recognized a wide difference in the respective spheres and destinies of man and woman. Man is, or should be, woman's protector and defender. The natural and proper timidity and delicacy which belongs to the female sex evidently unfits it for many of the oc-cupations of civil life. The constitution of the family organization, which is founded in the divine ordinance, as well as in the nature of things, indicates the domestic sphere as that which properly belongs to the domain and functions

Stress Relievers that Work!

Below are things, that I've found through my own experiences, that relieve stress and stop life from taking its toll on you: Prayer - cast ALL your care upon Him!   Meditation - meditate on God's word, even just one verse Pilates - I do a combination of Pilates/yoga with Denise Austin's Mat Workout Hot baths - light the candles, close the doors and play soft music if you want or just sit in quietness and relax! Deep Breathing - close your eyes and do several deep breaths and then normal breathing and keep your entire concentration on each breath Reading - read a novel or something non-stimulating Nature Walks - take a walk and enjoy all that God created!  Notice the birds singing their songs, take note on the design of creation Fellowship - hang out with friends or family for a night of fun; just relax and laugh and enjoy each other's company. Vacations - I've found that I NEED these!  Even just a weekend getaway has rejuvenated me and helped me r

Cold/Sinus Infection Remedies

I can't take anything - no antihistamines, no decongestants, no pain relievers so I've learned things that are really working and helping me do daily things despite this sinus pain/pressure/stuffiness.  Here is what I use: Echinacea - 3 times a day in liquid tincture form; usually shortens the duration of the cold - I take it with astragalus and there is some sort of instant boost and overall feeling better that lasts for an hour or so Astragalus - I was taking this daily and then stopped and now back to taking it since I'm sick - I notice immediate boost after drinking this, it does something lol.  Taken 3 times a day. Raw Garlic Cloves - currently swallowing 2 a day; its anti-biotic, anti-bacterial and all those other anti's lol.   Neti-pot - definitely works!  Doing this nasal washing about 4 times a day  Hot washcloth - as hot as my faucet gets, I soak the washcloth and then immediately place it over my forehead, eyes and nose area and hold it there till