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My Once-A-Week Laundry Day

This is becoming a series of sorts I guess and you can read the previous post on My Once-A-Week 3-Hour Cleaning Marathon . I used to do 7-14 loads of laundry a week and I'm not kidding!  I would do small, frequent loads and didn't realize how much it was costing us to use the washer/dryer everyday UNTIL I switched to doing it all in one day.  Now I have it down to 5 loads most weeks, unless I'm washing rugs, bed sheets or our comforter.  Not only do you only have to wash laundry once-a-week, but you save on electric and water costs because you are washing extra-large loads instead of several small loads daily.  It really does add up and is more efficient and takes less time this way. I start as soon as I wake up on Monday morning by throwing a load in the wash.  I don't have to sort because it's already sorted with that great laundry unit I posted about here .  It is so handy to just grab a bag and throw it in the wash!  For towels/rags, I keep those in a tall b

What Are You Raising Your Daughter to Be?

As Christians, we can read the Bible and find out what God's will is for our life.  We find that women are to be keepers at home, loving their husbands and bearing children.  Our role as women, is to our homes, husbands and children.  So why would you raise your daughter to be anything else besides a homekeeper ? Just what are you raising her to be?  Are you raising her to be "somebody" that the world deems worthy?  When in reality, the somebody she should be is what God designed her and all women to be - keepers at home, wives and mothers. There is NO greater calling than what God set forth in His Word and its up to you to teach your daughter what she was designed for. There are even Christians, who believe in the woman's role, that are raising their daughters to be everything BUT a homekeeper.  They never teach them homemaking skills but applaud them at worldly pursuits.  They wonder why when their daughter becomes a woman, she has absolutely NO interest in bei

Facebook - Teaching Superficiality

Facebook is not only is a den of gossip, full of vanity, promoting a superficial image of yourself, creating superficial friendships and is cited as the reason for divorce in 1 in 5 divorces, but now its being used for its original intended purpose - valuing others based upon looks .  This could cause depression, low self-esteem and eventually suicide.  Think of how many lives have been destroyed, don't forget marriages , by this tool.  How sad that parents would even let their children use such a thing.  God help us! Watch the latest video at I like how this 21-year old got rid of his Facebook and wrote about it, he is more mature than most adults! Facebook, we need to have a DTR (defining the relationship) talk…It’s not all your fault, it’s mostly mine…This is the end of you and me, Facebook. I’m leaving you because I have spent more time browsing your pages than I have been spending in the pages of The Good Book. And I can’t live like that anymore. I’ve

My Once-A-Week 3-Hour Cleaning Marathon

I only clean once a week on Mondays  and just wash dishes and wipe counters on the other days.  I do, what I like to call, a cleaning marathon .  It takes me 3 hours to clean my home - that is TOTAL for the week.  Remember, I don't have many dishes because I haven't had to cook dinner meals since October with freezer cooking, so dishes are very minimal most days, except on baking days.  I also get all of my laundry done on Mondays, saving the towels/rags for last after my cleaning is finished.  I start a load first thing Monday morning. Your house should stay clean for a week if everyone picks up after themselves .  My house stays "picked-up" ( most of the time ) meaning I make my daughter and husband pick up after themselves and then I pick up after myself.  If you do this all the time you shouldn't have to go through the house and pick up before you do your weekly cleaning. Here is my routine for my cleaning marathon and I almost always follow it exactly.  I

Hoot Hoot - Night Owls Unite!

This post has been on my mind for a long time and I thought it would be encouraging to women, like me, who have always been "night owls".  I've tried a lot to fit into the mold of the early riser but even when I did stick with rising early as I could, I found myself not getting hardly anything done.  It was like I was fighting my own body and my husband would tell me "Bev, quit fighting yourself and just go with it!"  After years of trying to fit into the mold of everyone else, I realized that I was just wired different and though others perform great in the morning, my mind and body are in high gear around evening and night-time. When I was in the Air Force, I worked 12 hour night shifts from 7pm to 7am and it was great!  I felt like it was made for me and although I don't stay up that late, I still do my best at night.  Growing up and going to school was so difficult to me because I couldn't fall asleep until around 1am and would have to wake at 530a