Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1st Night of Conference

I had thought I wouldn't have time to blog during our church's conference this week but I'm finding time and wanting to share what God is doing too! :-)

Tonight was the first night of conference, which is basically like an old-fashioned camp meeting, full of shouting, dancing and praising the Lord!  We shouted the house down tonight and I even pushed my husband out of the way and got in the aisle and danced before the Lord with all might lol! I think I shocked myself but I figured..you know what!?  I don't care what anyone else thinks of me and I feel the Holy Spirit so strong - I just have to let this out!  It felt awesome!  There wasn't even preaching because the Spirit was so strong - we just followed the leading of the Lord.

We have seen so many that we haven't seen in years, those from the church we were reached in Anchorage, Alaska and also others who we knew here that had gone out to start churches or help at other churches.  I even reached out and introduced myself to those I didn't know and there were a few I was so anxious to FINALLY meet that I have known "virtually" off and on for so many years!  ;-)

There is something that I need to be completely delivered from this week in this conference and I want to ask my readers to please lift me up in prayer that God WILL deliver me!  I need a breakthrough!  I don't want to get into specifics but I can say that is a lot of past failures that have haunted me for years, keep me up some nights crying and feeling hopeless and hindering me in my self worth.  I started the healing process when I read about the mind/body connection and have been able to deal with things but some things are just too much for me and I've been haunted by them for so many years that I'm growing so weary!  At times, I've almost completely given up and told myself and even God......there is no way I will ever get over these things.  Then God would sweep in and give me peace and victory once again and I would go on.

I want total deliverance so that I can fully go on and let the hauntings of my past abuse and failures die.  That is my prayer this conference and I'm expecting and waiting on God!!

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Alicia said...

Nothing absolutely nothing is impossible with Him! Praying that He will set you free from the past like only He can do.

Enjoy this wonderful time of rejuvenation for your soul with new and old friends.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you so much Alicia! :)


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