Saturday, April 9, 2011

What a Conference!

Our church organization just finished its spring conference here at the headquarters and wow, what a time we had!  Normally our church conference is held outside of St. Louis, Missouri on the campground we have there but they decided to have one here at the Seminary/headquarters.  I've only been to one conference in Missouri and that was all the way back in 2002 and my husband has only been to one and that was way back in 1998.  So this was an awesome experience for us both and we still can't get it over!

For starters, you may remember my post asking for prayer here that I would be delivered this conference from past failures and abuse that haunt me off and on throughout the year.  Well - I'VE BEEN DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!  I can't even say in words all that God did in my life this week and my husband's but it was life-changing!  I now understand WHY others say they don't want to miss a conference, I now understand how God moves in a special way like no other services and I want to go to the future conferences if God will make the way for us!

I was able to meet so many new people because I just started introducing myself because how else would they know me?  A lot of times people come in and see just those they knew/know but really need to bring out of our cliques and meet new people!  I got to know some dear sisters that I've thought a lot of over the years that I only knew through this blog/online - those that have helped me, encouraged me and seemed to be always right on time in my darkest hours.  It was a blessing to finally meet in person!

We also had quite the family reunion as our dear friends that helped lead us to God came in from Alaska and some other dear friends from England and another brother from New Mexico - it felt like old times but better really because we have all grown in God and are better than before! It was very encouraging to my heart to know they are still serving God and on fire for the Lord - how it increased my steadfastness for the Lord!

The services were simply amazing and a friend of mine prayed for salvation the last night of conference and you should have seen the joy on her face when she got up!  She was glowing and it really touched my soul!

We fellowshipped all throughout the week and I got so used to being around people that on Friday, when it was just my husband and I - I was like, I need some fellowship lol.  So we ended up going to a get together and also had a chance to say goodbye to some of our dear friends, we also did a lot of reminiscing and laughed our heads off!

I feel revived, restored, refreshed and on fire for God and it was just what I needed!!!  Thank you Jesus!!

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful. I am so happy the the Lord delivered you and blessed you all.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Chrissy! :)


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