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How to Be Frugal Without Extreme Couponing

I got a lot of feedback for my post on " Extreme Couponing ".  I also understand that some honestly do not know how to feed their families without coupons on a frugal budget.  Besides the most important step - praying and seeking God in decisions with your home management - I wanted to share a few basic tips on how I've done this over years without coupons.  I have already went over a lot of the stuff in the 5 years I've done this blog, but for those who may be new and not reviewed my over-1000-posts LOL, hopefully this can help you and your family. Pray & Have Faith!  - you have not because you ask not really sums it all up doesn't it?  Since when is praying to God for wisdom and help in our budgets and meal planning not important?  Since women thought they could do a better job than God with their own abilities.  Realizing that you need the Lord in this area will open the door for the Almighty to show you wondrous things!  I've watched my flour bin k

Taking Care of the VERY Important

Tonight, after homeschooling most of the day and working on some projects for school that I needed to have ready ( laminating, etc. )...I was pretty discouraged.  I was on the couch wore out and my daughter came up to me and saw that I didn't want to talk - then I told her why I was down, how I didn't get things done today - the dishes and the laundry.  She put her hand on my face and said the sweetest words: " Momma, you did get something done - you did something VERY important! "  I started crying because she was SO RIGHT!  It was so wonderful and we cuddled.  Homeschooling her, spending time with her and my husband is something VERY important!  Then my husband came over and told me how much he thinks of me and well - I just feel so overjoyed and who cares about the dishes and laundry that didn't get done today!?  The VERY important was taken care of......God and family. A lot of times Katie tells me how much she loves me and I tell her I love her and then she