Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Long......?

Remember when I wrote back in January on night-owlism?  Well, for the past 4 months I've become a morning bird.  I had tried on my own over years to wake up early like everyone else but seemed to perform better at night.  I had finally accepted that it was how I was wired and wrote that post on night owls.  With homeschooling, if I really wanted to get it done by 1pm, I knew I couldn't wake up at 11.  I also didn't like staying up at night when everyone is asleep.  I told God that I give up - I've tried over years with different methods to fall asleep early and wake early and I found that I couldn't function properly and didn't get anything done because I was so tired.  I also tried sleep-aids, of which had side effects on my body causing even more problems.

So I gave up trying on my own and petitioned to God a simple request - "God, could you help me fall asleep by midnight every night?"  It was that night and then the past 4 months that I haven't been able to stay up hardly after midnight!  Then I wake around 8am most of the time!  I didn't even try - God did it!  I get so much done now, not that I didn't before but its great to have a better schedule for homeschooling.

Today I was reading Henry's commentary on the Proverbs 31 woman and wow, had to share this:

She is none of those who sit up playing at cards, or dancing, till midnight, till morning, and then lie in bed till noon. No; the virtuous woman loves her business better than her ease or her pleasure, is in care to be found in the way of her duty every hour of the day, and has more true satisfaction in having given meat to her household betimes in the morning than those can have in the money they have won, much more in what they have lost, who sat up all night at play. Those that have a family to take care of should not love their bed too well in a morning.

Glad that I read that AFTER I became a morning bird.  Not to say that those who stay up late are just playing around but what work can you really do after midnight?  For me, it was divine deliverance as I had troubled sleep all my life since childhood but God delivered me of this!  Now, I sleep like a baby and can be found falling over sleepy around 11pm lol.  I can't stand to stay in bed past 9am - that seems SO late to me LOL!  Who would have thought that I would be like this?  All I had to do was quit trying on my own and let God deliver me and now I have peaceful sleep.

Pro 6:9  How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? 

"How long wilt thou love thy ease, and when wilt thou learn to deny thyself, and to take pains? How long wilt thou bury thy talents, and when wilt thou begin to trade with them? How long wilt thou delay, and put off, and trifle away thy opportunities, as one regardless of hereafter; and when wilt thou stir up thyself to do what thou hast to do, which, if it be not done, will leave thee for ever undone?”

As Henry's commentary above expounds on the question "How long..?"  We can also ask ourselves how long will we be content staying the way we are?  How long until we give it to God and let him change us?  This isn't just about sleep schedules, its much more - its about self discipline and letting God have rule in our lives.

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Linda said...

So glad to hear it, Bev. We get up early and our children wouldn't give it up. They like to be up before the little ones, and get things like math done.


Christian Homekeeper said...

I think its really a blessing that my sleep schedule is fixed now! It is helping me so much and my daughter too! :)


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