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Frugal Tips from Readers

I did say this would be anonymous, so if you left your name, I didn't include it because I wasn't sure if you wanted it posted on here or not. You can use any older looking vegetables, carrot peels, onion peels, celery tops, potato peels, etc when making soup stock.  I love making stock because nothing goes to waste! Many times I will store a bag of peelings in the freezer from other dishes that can be thrown in for the stock.    Have stale bread?  Make bread crumbs, croutons, or ribollita (a Tuscon style soup using veggie scraps and stale bread).  Turn a bar of soap into liquid hand soap.  Make your own cleaners and laundry detergent.  Use your local library for books, newspapers, magazines, DVDs, games, and even some educational toys.  Do a clothing and toy swap with friends for your children.  Find free entertainment: library, local colleges, community events/festivals, church functions, invite friends over for a meal and games.  Eat less meat.  Every 6 months I do a pant

Dear House and Child

Dear House and Child, Do I take more joy in keeping you dear house Or do I take more joy in putting you aside for you dear child Do you dear house and your cleanness so clean Shine better to all of what is really seen A child neglected A dish not in the sink Which do I want more what is seen or unseen On the floor with you dear child making memories to last Or do I choose you dear house to remember from my past Another book to read to you dear child helps you feel a mother's love Another day forsaking you dear house to help my child make it above Oh what do I choose Oh who do I love most You dear house or you dear child I can't place first you both I've made my choice For this I know A dirty house will only show You dear child who I want to know I have priorities - God, husband, child, and then the rest And you dear house are not the best *I just started writing down feelings from my heart today as my house is dirty but my child is not neglected.

Children and Sleep

I've gotten a lot of questions over the years ranging from parents wondering why their child has behavior problems, doesn't perform well in school or seems agitated and unable to concentrate a lot.  One of the first things I ask is how much do they sleep?  A lot of times that is the problem - the child doesn't get enough sleep. Sleep is so vital for children and adults.  If I don't get past 7 hours of sleep, I don't perform well or feel well and I get sick more.  I've found that when I have good sleep habits, I don't get sick as often, I feel great and accomplish a lot and I'm not grumpy.  The same goes for our children. I was reading an article on Dr. Weil today about this and then saw the National Sleep Foundation has a list of how many hours children need.  You can find it here: When my daughter was 3 months old, she was sleeping 12 hours every night and then 2-3 hours of n