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Part 5 - Notes from Homekeeping & Homeschooling Book

Chapter 9 - A Hospitable Home Genuine Hospitality - True hospitality consists of who you are and not what you have.  When you are hospitable, you are obedient to the Lord. Romans 12:13  GUEST = Give Graciously, Understand Usual Needs, Educate for Etiquette, Simplify Your System, Take Time Give Graciously - Cultivate a gracious and joyful heart that is focused on others. Understand Usual Needs - Anticipate your guests' requirements.  Plan ahead so you can actually spend time with your guests rather than continually excusing yourself for meal or snack preparations.  Look at your home from your guests' perspectives to understand what they might require for comfort. Educate for Etiquette - Teach children table manners before having guests over.  The most important rule of etiquette is always to think of the other person's needs.  Do what makes someone else comfortable. Simplify Your System - If you keep it simple, you will want to have guests often.  Don't repla

Part 4 - Notes from Homekeeping & Homeschooling Book

Chapter 6 - Record-Keeping Made Easy The Big Picture - Overall view of record-keeping - creating and using records.  Your family is not a school and you have no need to duplicate one.  If you overplan and lack flexibility, you will make yourself and your family miserable and accomplish little beyond filling out forms. Plan to Plan - Process of planning: (1) Decide - some clutter questions apply to forms and tools for records: What do I need?  Why do I need it?  Who else needs it?  Make a homeschool mission statement and goal sheet for each year. (2) Document - keep an academic portfolio for each child.  Keep your plan simple and uncomplicated. Setting Up Files - choose where to store records: file cabinet, box, etc. File-a-Plan - set up folders for your files, choose categories for your family.  Appendix B gives a list of possible categories and forms available. Archive - A once-a-year clean-out is necessary to control the volume of useless papers in your files.  The archive

It's Your Choice

In a free country like ours, we get to make a lot of choices: where we live, what we buy, how many children we can have, and even what teaching we choose to put our children under.  What do you choose?  You as the parent make the choice on what your child will be taught.  You would think most Christians would choose Godly education right?  However, the majority of those that call themselves Christians have made the CHOICE to place them under false atheistic teaching.  It isn't like we live in a country that comes and takes your child and forces them to be taught about evolution and a God-less history.   We actually have a choice in what our children are taught. What would you say to God if He asked you why Sally is learning that God did not create her or that God did not make the world?  Any excuse you would say wouldn't hold water with God.  He would look at the facts - you had a choice!   God doesn't think its cute for Sally to learn lies.  God isn't FOR teaching

Part 3 - Notes from Homekeeping & Homeschooling Book

Chapter 4 - Teaching Children Life Skills It's easier to do the chores ourselves than take twice as long to teach a child again to do it.  You teach your children's minds, but you train their will, which is more difficult. It Begins with You - If you have weaknesses in homemaking skills, diligently continue to improve those areas.  Children learn discipline when they see you exhibit discipline in your life.  Focus shouldn't be more on the chore but on the character that mastering and completing the chore builds into their lives.  Your children will quickly catch your attitudes. Life Skills - If I don't teach ____, will the lack of that knowledge be harmful or a hindrance to them later in life?  How can learning this skill be a vehicle to teaching a greater character lesson? Functional Neatness - It is worth the investment of time to teach children chores.  When children do simple chores, they learn to think in an orderly way.  Not only praise them for the good

Part 2 - Notes from Homekeeping & Homeschooling Book

Chapter 3 - Clutter, Clutter Everywhere and Not a Spot to Think Things are only useful when they don't hinder relationships with people and when they help you enjoy and serve the people around you. Balance - Clutter is the largest reason you and your family can't clean quickly or well.  It slows you down and drains energy and joy from your life. Clutter Quiz - 18 question quiz; #18: If the Lord called you home today, would you be horrified if your spouse accepted help from friends, relatives, or especially your mother-in-law to sort through your things? Functional Neatness - A comfortable place between (1) an obsessive neatness demanded by a mother who doesn't allow for a mess of any kind and is overworked trying to maintain that standard, and (2) slovenly conduct by family members.  * Neat enough to be peaceful and messy enough to be happy .  Everyone in the family functions better. The Good News - There's a difference between destructive, chaotic clutter an

Part 1 - Notes from Homekeeping & Homeschooling Book

I started reading "Homeschooling at the Speed of Life" by Marilyn Rockett today and I love it!  I'm only in the second chapter but wanted to share my notes with you all as I go along.  I'm finding the book just what I was needing and looking for.  It incorporates God into the home management equation and doesn't leave him out, like so many other authors do.  The scriptures are from a version of a Bible that I've never even heard of, so I keep my KJV handy to look them up.  God has already touched my heart in many areas reading this today!  This book will help you manage your home with homeschooling, but I think any homekeeper could glean wisdom from this book.  The book comes with a CD that has lots of printables for some of the things she talks about in the book! You can see a preview of the book here . * We are not striving for a "perfect" home but rather a " God-honoring" home . Organization is making your life work for you by bri