Sunday, September 9, 2012

Homeschooling Update

This year has been one of the best years we have ever had in homeschooling so far.  I think it is because I'm very organized, everything is planned out to the 30 minute increments and it goes so smoothly and passes by so quickly and we are having fun and bonding even more.  I've also realized over the years of homeschooling that putting God first is crucial to the day going well, to my sanity and to Katie's attitude.  Our bible curriculum is wonderful and Katie is really being provoked to know, really know, her bible.  It also brings up questions she has about God and day to day things and gives us a special time to grow more in the Lord together.

We started Latin this year and I was thinking it was going to be tedious but it is far from that - it is one of Katie's favorite subjects now.  We both love it and it is fun!  She is even reciting prayers in Latin several times a day before meals and it overjoys my heart to see my daughter have a LOVE of learning - where it isn't a chore but a delight.

We also started chemistry this year and Katie is really excited about it so far.  She builds compounds with her molecule set and gets excited when we search for what she has 'made' online and find the chemical.  I'm learning a lot too as I always had a hard time with chemistry but now I'm getting it - finally lol!

On the music front, Katie really has a passion for violin and she almost becomes a part of it when she plays.  I can just feel her passion for it and she has a dream for playing in the youth symphony orchestra.  The only problem is, everyone we have talked to in the music world has said that her being left-handed will prevent her.  She doesn't let that stop her dreams and I won't let it either, we are even thinking of moving her up to a prestigious teacher that allows her to play in the orchestra twice a year.  It is costly though and far away but if she really wants this, we will sacrifice for her.

I love being a wife, a mom and homeschooling!  I feel that my life is dedicated to my family and the betterment of it.  I don't have a life outside of my family - this is my life!!!  I think of all the memories Katie is going to have of our times together doing school, projects, crafts, etc. - she already has them but what will it be like after 18 or so years of these wonderful memories?  We only have such a short time with our children and I vowed to make the best of it and live with no regrets.  Showing her "the way" that she is to go, teaching her about her God-called role of wife/homekeeper/mother and being there for her and all her questions she has throughout the day.  To think if she wasn't here, who would she be asking those questions to and what would they teach her?  The responsibility is too great that God has given to me and I dare not let another lead her astray but rather keep my children under the guidance, care and instruction of a Godly mother.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad school is going wonderful you and Katie. Have a great week. Blessings.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks gotjoy3!

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