Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prayer Request for Myself

I've held back sharing a lot on this blog of my situation this pregnancy, but after coming down with my 4th infection yesterday, I decided I wanted to have as many people as I could......pray for me!  I just got over an infection in early September, that caused continuous contractions that they couldn't stop at the ER after 3 shots of terbutaline and another oral medication.  I suffered with these constant contractions and cramps for almost 2 weeks until they found out that I had an infection.  Somehow, the ER labor and delivery staff missed the infection, so I just suffered and was on strict bed rest waiting for the baby to come early at 26 weeks.  I have to say that it was a trying time and when they finally discovered it was an infection and I started treatment and the contractions died down - I thought to myself, ok, this will all be over and I can go on and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy.  Well.....didn't happen.

2 weeks ago, I started having contractions again and pain in a few places.  It took a few days till I went in because I suspected another infection.  After waiting 48 hours for lab results, it turned out it was another infection in a different location and I'm currently on another round of a different antibiotics for that.

I'm still having contractions off and on that are painful but they are hours apart and I can handle that.  Yesterday, the whole left side of my face was numb and in terrible pain, and reminded me of times in the past when I had ischemic attacks and trigeminal neuralgia.  However, when I woke this morning, it was gone and there was my gum infection - same abscessed tooth I had at 12 weeks pregnant.  So I called and they wanted me to go to the doctor to get yet another antibiotic.

I'm tired, I'm mentally depressed, I feel so ill in my body that sometimes I wonder if I will make it to the end of this pregnancy and I'm weak.  I'm asking that all of my readers just stop and say a prayer for God's healing on my body to rid it of these infections and protect this miracle baby inside of me!  I've prayed till it hurt, my husband has prayed, my Pastor is constantly praying and so are close friends and family - and sometimes, I wonder..WHY?  Why is this happening and why can't I receive instant healing - but God has always came through this pregnancy in those times I felt so all alone and it has always turned out ok.  It is by the grace of God that Zach is still alive within me and that I've made it this far.  Thank you in advance for your prayers!!

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tealady said...

My prayer's are with you and your family,may God hear our prayer.

Need more and I've got many more.

On A Journey said...

Sending prayers!

Crissy said...

Praying for you and your precious baby!

Tricia said...

My prayers are with you!


Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you all so much! :)

Twocans said...

Praying for you and Zach!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you so much Twocans! :)

michelle said...

I'm praying for you also. There are many times that I've wondered "why" in various situations and though I may not get an answer, I have to remember that my life is in His hands and He knows why. You and Zach are in His hands!


Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Michelle! :)

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