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A Look Back on 2012

This year didn't turn out how I had planned but yet it ended with the unexpected joy of a new baby!  All of my plans and resolutions for 2012 were pushed aside as I learned I was pregnant in March.  The pregnancy took most of the year until the week of Thanksgiving when Zach made his appearance earlier than expected.  It was a difficult pregnancy, a trying time, but one that yielded many fruits in my spiritual life.  It ended with a wonderful delivery via c-section that was one of the best experiences I've had of feeling that God was right there holding me through it all.  Then, Zach had some issues, which we hopefully have resolved most of after learning he has a milk allergy.  All in all, 2012 was a trying year but a year that brought one of the greatest blessings of all - another child! Here are some posts from 2012: What About Socialization?....And Other Mythical Questions A Day in the Life.... Stop Trying to Do It Without God When Birth Control is Needed Keeping

What Cheap Meals are Made Up Of

One thing I've noticed over the years of living frugally and even super frugal, is that the cheap meals are usually based on the following foods: Rice Beans Potatoes Tuna Eggs Vegetables Oats Flour Cornmeal Pasta Planning meals around these ingredients will ensure to keep costs down. Sure, you could live off of ramen, boxed mac/cheese and other processed 'cheap' foods but I don't think they fill you up as well as the above foods and they sure aren't as nutritionally sound. I've gone through a lot of recipes the past few days and it seems that a lot of cheap meals I'm finding include processed foods, canned creams of this and that and ready-made mixes. My goal has always been to use pure foods and make them as cheap as possible. I prefer making homemade cream of chicken/mushroom, etc. for meals than using those nasty cans that are full of who knows what lol. I also want to know what is in my food and those ready-made mixes have things that s

My Awesome Birth Story

I was full of fear at the beginning of my pregnancy thinking about the end, mainly the c-section.  With my first c-section they were unable to numb my back and it turned into a nightmare as the anesthesiologist wouldn't stop trying even though the nurses were fighting with him to.  He poked me 7 times with various sized needles, with the last one hitting a nerve that shot down my left leg and left me with neuralgic pain in that spot for about 5 years!  After that, my daughter's heart rate drastically fell and it turned into an emergency situation and I remember being thrown down on the table and a catheter shoved in me and I almost came off that table from the pain from that and then I was knocked out.  Then, during the surgery I woke up and they had to put me back to sleep.  Also, they had sewn me up and I started hemorrhaging and they had to re-open me and stop the bleeding.  They still had problems upon the 2nd closing but finally got it to stop before I needed a blood trans

Kind of Hard to Type.....

When I'm recovering like this....... I haven't sat down to type up my birth story yet but intend to eventually.  Trying to enjoy these first few weeks that pass so quickly.

What This Pregnancy Did For Me

Throughout this pregnancy, there were so many times we didn't know if Zach was still alive or not, but each time God showed His mighty hand and Zach was there and well.  I feel like the past 9 months were some of the most difficult I've had in recent years and I'm glad they are over but there was so much God did for me through the struggle that I wanted to share. It was the hardest pregnancy I've ever had and we found out why at the birth, which I will explain later.  I suffered with a contracting uterus from September all through till the end, I'm talking labor contractions - that they couldn't explain but showed up at the hospital as regular and strong so many times.  It was misery and I didn't understand why I had to suffer so but I made it through!  I also had either 5 or 6 infections, even I lost count lol - and the antibiotics were not fun to be on so many times.  Because of my struggle, some people made hurtful comments to me about how bad I wanted