Sunday, September 29, 2013

Great News - No More Milk Allergy Possibly!

My baby, who is now 10 months old, had a severe milk allergy as some of you may remember me blogging about when he was born.  It was a rough road to 1. find out what was wrong with him those first few months and 2. find a formula that helped him, which we eventually did; Alimentum.  Alimentum was like a God-send because it made him so calm and happy and that made ME happy!

However, Alimentum, in the amounts he was drinking, has been costing us $400 a month!  We don't get WIC or any type of assistance, this is all out-of-our-pocket what we have been paying to feed this little guy the past 7 months - $2,800!!  He is SO worth it though - I love my little guy, no matter if he is the most expensive mouth to feed in this family lol.

We tried several times over the past 7 months to see if his milk allergy had went away on its own but it hadn't and what it did to his body would always make me regret even trying.  He would have screaming pain, bloody, frequent diarhea and eczema patches on his face.  It was enough to have me hold off trying until recently when the pediatrician gave the go-ahead.

I'm glad to say that he has been on a partial-milk formula (Good Start Gentle) for about 2 weeks now and is doing ok.  He has had a few screaming pains with his stomach hard but his stool looks normal - no blood!  We have gradually worked in the new formula by first doing 2 scoops Alimentum and then 1 scoop of the Good Start.  This past week we moved up to 2 scoops of the Good Start and only 1 scoop of Alimentum.  Tomorrow......he goes ALL the way Good Start!!

Not only am I happy that he has possibly overcome this milk allergy, but we will only be paying about $200 a month now instead of $400!!  Then.......we found out yesterday that thanks to Obamacare, we will paying almost that much EXTRA in health insurance because all the new laws caused our plan to skyrocket - thanks Mr. President.  We will now be paying about 15% of our income to health insurance.  Regardless of the high cost, it is so amazing to me though that God PROVIDED the means to pay it by also blessing us and taking away our baby's milk allergy.  His hand is not shortened - He always provides, one way or another!

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Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

One of my babies also had milk allergies. His manifested in bad eczema on his cheeks, mostly. I noticed, during his allergy, that if I put a drop of cow's milk anywhere on his skin, his skin would raise up and become red, where the milk touched it.

Alimentum is SO expensive. I used that with my allergy baby. That stuff sure was a God-send. After eight months, I regularly would check him, by putting a small drop of milk on his skin. Eventually, there was no reaction - at around 10 months old. I tried him on a small amount of milk - success. He could take cow's milk formulas, and then a few months later, I switched him to regular cow's milk.
Allergy gone, and he still enjoys milk today.

Some people who's babies have eczema, whether due to allergies, or other, treat the eczema with steroidal creams and such. For some reason, babies with eczema treated with steroids have a good chance of developing asthma later in their childhood. Mine does not have asthma, and I wonder if he would have, should I had used steroidal treatments for his eczema. I'm so glad I didn't.

Christian Homekeeper said...

That is so encouraging to hear JoyfulCH! Today is the first day we are doing all of the new formula and he is doing good, other than he is recovering from a cold.

tealady said...

Now that calls for a celebration!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Maybe we should celebrate over a glass of milk LOL! =0 Thanks tealady!

Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

I'll join ya. Cheers! :-)

Christian Homekeeper said...

LOL! :-)

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