Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Case of the Disappearing Post(s)

Sometimes I write things and bear my soul, my passionate thoughts about certain things and my dogmatic views.  I then either feel one of two ways - content in what I posted or bothered.  Whenever I feel bothered, to the degree that I feel I came across a way I didn't want to come across or intend to - I delete the post.  

I also want to choose my battles and sometimes I decide that I'm not ready for a certain "hot" topic on here that will generate a lot of rebuttal.  Other times, I say......let's give them something to talk about, because truth be told - I have accomplished that in things I've blogged on here!  I get people talking somehow but that is my personality and instead of seeing that as a negative, I've started to see that as a strength that I can challenge people's thinking and even provoke a change of heart.  People talk about me, so since gossipers aren't going to change, I'm not going to walk on eggshells to accommodate them.

I do all this with prayer and if I feel that I came across in an unintended way - the post disappears.  So, in answer to "where did that post go" - case solved.

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