Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Motherhood IS Significant - Video Sermon

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Linda said...

Good post. There have been days when I have felt insignificant wiping noses, making meals, etc. even though I knew it wasn't. But this year it became so much more real to me. Bev, I became aware that I was very sick earlier this year. As I laid in the hospital and thought about what I might leave behind perhaps this year, my heart broke because I was so torn between the rest Jesus could give me and the needs of my children. I wouldn't change any sacrifices made for them. I would trade any free time, or calling that I felt I could accomplish. Trade it for a better, bigger living. They are so worth spending time with. Teaching them, planting seeds of faith in them, preparing them for whatever God would have for them, and loving them. As I thought about passing this world to the next, I felt like Hezekiah who wanted to plead to God for a little more time. Time to dry a few tears, and pray over their meals, explain why sincerity is important to God and how we could see each other one day again. To be a mother is a great calling because you don't know the impact on the child and God's plan in it all. The privilege to be used of God - as someone's mother. My prayer would be that I would be usable to serve all my living days.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I've been there too Linda! You may know I've spent a lot of time in the hospital throughout the past 10 years and a few years ago was when I really just wanted to go to heaven and end the suffering. However, I knew that my daughter needed me here to raise her, be that example and homeschool her. I realized how much I was needed in this home for my husband and my children! Thankfully God has given me better health and I strive to work this "mission" field in my home to save these precious souls!! ;-)

Linda said...

A beautiful and timely message. Thank you for sharing Bev!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Your welcome, thanks Linda #2! ;-)

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