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Mercy is the one word that I feel that has been showered upon me the past few weeks.  I think of how now, looking back, I can see God's wonderful plan and all-knowing understanding.  In the midst of it I couldn't see it, I rather saw judgement and the question of "why" would reign through my mind.  However, as the storm passes - we are able to see clearer and such was the case in this time in my life. Just knowing that God purposed to save my life , let me know that He isn't finished with me yet.  He could have let me die, yet He chose rather to work things together to let me live.  In the back of my mind I've had an unsettling fear that God wasn't pleased with me for some past mistakes I made.  Every time things came up with my health, I felt the impending "judgment" of God upon me and assumed I was being punished.  It is just something that I've battled with in my mind for many years but I'm here to let the devil know that God wiped

Organizing Papers Into One Filing Cabinet

I've been decluttering and simplifying a lot of things in my life lately - everything from deleting some blogs I had, to things around the home.  One of the things that bother me is our paper situation.  We have papers all over the house in different places and storage bins.  There is a small cabinet here and then a a file box there and then a pile here and on and on.  I decided that it was worth the money to buy a large filing cabinet to condense everything down into ONE location. This will eliminate a lot of other filing areas and thus open up more space in those areas and add more things to our increasing yard sale pile we got going on for this summer.  I found the size, color and style of the filing cabinet I wanted at Office Max, it was the cheapest price as shipping was free (and it arrived fast) and it came with a FREE utility tote bag that I just love!  I also ordered 100 colorful hanging file folders because I love my color! The picture got cut off, but this is a 4-dr