Thursday, April 17, 2014

Appendix and Gallbladder Gone

What a crazy past 2 months, first I had a miscarriage and then I had 5 hours of vomiting and pain and found out my gallbladder wasn't functioning.  My surgery was scheduled for next week but then came a terrible pain in my lower right hip area.  The on-call doctor said to go to the ER, so I did and was crying, screaming and so embarrassed when they wheeled me in because I was a mess and couldn't stop crying and shaking.

They believed I was having appendicitis but after a CT scan, they said it looked ok and then called my surgeon in the middle of the night to see if it was ok for the ER emergency surgeons to remove my gallbladder.  My surgeon said he could possibly do it himself in a few hours, so they discharged and sent me home with drugs.  My surgeon told us to come in the morning and started the operation to take out the gallbladder but he saw that I was having appendicitis and so he removed both - appendix and gallbladder.

Then....I had a severe reaction to the anesthesia, it was the hardest part of it all for me.  I kept on vomiting and the pain was through the roof but all the meds they had wouldn't work.  So he admitted to the local hospital and I still couldn't stop vomiting even with all the meds they gave me to stop it and nothing was helping the pain until they came to this one medication that worked.  Everything I tried to eat came back up and I couldn't even drink water.

My pastor and his wife came to see me and prayed on me and from that point on I got a touch from God!!  I finally was able to eat and drink small portions and didn't throw up and I started feeling better!!!  I also was able to finally get out of bed and walk for a bit.  I'm still not out of the danger zone yet but it is going that way and hopefully by tomorrow I can be discharged and go home with the pain meds.

Good thing I got my gallbladder out because not only was it almost dead, it had a lot of scar tissue - meaning, the man that assaulted me at 18 did indeed injure it because from then on I had right upper quadrant pain for years.  So glad it is gone and also glad that they were able to stop my appendix before it ruptured, potentially killing me!  The surgeon said it was so full of stuff it was about burst.  He saved my life!  Thankful for God helping me through this and a close friend has been there for me by helping with my kids and my house!

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Twocans said...

And now may the healing begin!!

Sister D. said...

Beverly, bless your heart! Glad you're getting better! You're in my prayers! You've always been in my prayers...Let us know how it goes please. God richly bless you and yours! Sister D.

Sharon said...

Praise the Lord that the operation went well. I always feel so bad when incidents like this happen without any warning and I am not able to pray ahead of time...but I will promise to Praise Him for a wonderful outcome.
Now....REST and I mean it!! Don't try to over-do it and start bleeding or worse. The family can wear underwear more than one day and enjoy a few tv-dinners! LOL!! Promise? Good!!
Glad you're able to update us. At least this is over and now you can focus on recovery and getting your strength back. (((((hugs)))))

Colleen said...

Bless your heart you sure have been through it! The Lord is so good though.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you all, my recovery has been very difficult, with having to go back in again but I'm finally feeling I'm able to sit up now more. Hope to update in a few days.

Megan said...

Hi Bev, hope your recovering well after your big ordeal, praise God for His timing!

Christian Homekeeper said...

I am finally Megan, thank you so much! I do praise God for his timing - to think if I had just took pain pills and ignored that pain in my lower right side, I might have died. God's way are past our finding out.........until we see after the fact! So thankful He wanted to keep my alive!! :-)

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