Saturday, July 5, 2014

Christian Music I Listen To

I got some questions about this recently after my post, Examining Your Christian Music Style.  I wrote that post after some research I did about music and so the question came - what singers do I listen to?  Well, I can say that some of the singers I listen to, don't necessarily hold the outward holiness standards that I do or even the doctrinal beliefs......but, they produce a sound of music that is spiritual.  It is NOT something that draws you to the world, reminds you of the world, etc.  I like to hear someone sing a song with power and then I also love singers who not only sing it well, but live the life too - but those are hard to find!

Here is a list of singers I listen to, though they may have some songs that I don't like the style of - I just let the Spirit of the Lord lead me in what sounds spiritual.
  1. The Isaacs
  2. The Simpson Family
  3. The Crabb Family
  4. The Bowling Family
  5. The Perrys
  6. Sisters
  7. Talley Trio
  8. Karen Peck
  9. The McRaes
  10. The Ruppes
  11. The Kingdom Heirs
  12. Chicago Mass Choir, Brooklyn Tabernacle and the like
  13. The Ball Brothers
  14. The Dunaways
  15. Smokie Norful
  16. Dottie Peoples
  17. Mountain Faith
  18. Shirley Caesar
  19. Hezekiah Walker (some songs)
  20. Kurt Carr (some songs)
  21. Selah
  22. Malcolm Williams
  23. Bishop Larry D. Trotter
  24. H.I.M. Choir
  25. Indiana Bible College
  26. Gateway College of Evangelism
  27. The Primitive Quartet
  28. McKameys
  29. Kingsman
  30. Gold City
  31. Ricky Skaggs & The Whites
  32. The Chigger Hill Boys & Terry
  33. Brian Free
  34. Greater Vision
  35. The Greenes/Hoppers
  36. The Barnes Family
  37. Booth Brothers
  38. More but this is long enough!
Boggs Family -
In One Accord -

Bridgeton Pentecostal Holiness Church -
Free Holiness Gospel Groups -
Whitney Duncan -
Ashley Duncan -

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candy said...

This is awesome! thanks for sharing! I look forward to checking these out. I know some of them like the Issacs and the Crabb family (loved them for many, many years now) But theres a bunch I never even heard of and can't wait to check out!!!! :)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks Candy! :-)

Anonymous said...

You might like the Antrim Mennonite Choir. Their music is on YouTube. All old traditional hymns.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you anonymous, I will look them up!

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