Saturday, December 13, 2014

Baby Ultrasound @ 12 Weeks

I'm measuring 6 days ahead which is about how I was with my son and he came 2 weeks early.  This baby is a real mover just like my son was, so I'm still thinking it is a boy and we picked the name Kyle if it is.  If it is a girl, we like the names Emma or Abigail but still aren't decided on a girl name yet.  This is the first baby that we didn't pray specifically for a boy or a girl - with our daughter, we prayed for a girl and got a girl, same with our son (even down to the eye color!).  We decided to let God choose this one, so it is exciting to see what we will get!

I flipped the picture around so you can see the baby the right-side up and then also labeled the main parts in case you had a hard time figuring out what was what:

Could someone please wake me up when it is June....I'm already ready to be done with this pregnancy LOL!

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tealady said...

So happy for you,hopefully it will get easier.From what you have said that you don't feel well until after the birth. Here's a prayer for feeling better.Most people don't like me when I tell them I felt great all the time when pregnant.But what joy when they are born.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I will still like you Tealady but just not fair you had great pregnancies LOL! I know a few like that and I wonder......WHY don't they keep having babies? I mean, they have it made!!

My last pregnancy was really hard and they told me this one would not be like that because they "fixed" my problems internally during the csection........well, obviously, my body had a whole new set of issues waiting haha. The suffering does tend to change you and make you a better person, so trying to keep it all positive but I do wish I could have one of those easy pregnancies. This will probably be our last - I feel l'm just too old to go through this again and have had too many surgeries and complications to keep me and my family going through this anymore. My husband is happy with just the 3 we will have and I will be too.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations on how your pregnancy is going. Enjoy it; it will go fast enough. I hope that you have a wonderful pregnancy. I was due in June as well. We found out in Nov that our baby died. I am still sad. That would've been our 9th child; instead it was our 9th miscarriage.

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thank you anonymous and I'm very sorry for your losses. I've had 4 early miscarriages we believe and maybe more but they were all at 4-5 weeks along, so some were counted as "chemical pregnancies". We thought we lost this baby when I started gushing blood at 6 weeks but thankfully it remained, so I understand your loss in some ways.

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