Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Celebrating Jesus & His Miracles!

This Christmas season is very special to me in more ways than just thinking of Jesus' birth, though that is the main reason, it is also because I'm thinking of His many miracles He has given me this year.  The miracle of saving my life from appendicitis by being able to have my gallbladder surgery a week earlier so the surgeon could see I was about to die from a burst appendix!  Not only that but God showed Himself a miracle-worker in other ways in the area of our medical bills.  You can read the full story here in this post: http://www.christianhomekeeping.com/2014/06/mountains-are-moving-god-is-providing.html  The shortened version is that God worked out the bills to where they simply disappeared and the balances we owed dropped.

Not only that........but the biggest miracle of all was that I just PAID OFF our last medical bill just in time for Christmas!  Supposedly this just couldn't be done on our income, but God isn't limited by our income - He has a way of increasing it in those times when we need it or He wants to bless us!

It is a very special Christmas, even though we were already essentially debt-free, we still had medical bills that came up, but thankfully - God provided the means to pay them off today and we can start this New Year in a new way - thank you Jesus!!

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