Friday, October 2, 2015

What I Want to Blog About

Since I've been gone for 6 months and now getting back to blogging, there are some things I do want to blog about.  My life is spent on the couch and bed these days as I recover from surgery and I have another 3-5 weeks of rest to go before I can be doing normal things since I've had some complications.  So... seems like I have a lot of time to write if I feel up to it and here is what I have on my mind:

  1. Frugality - I have taken months off being frugal due to my health and inability to make my normal homemade foods.  The past 5 weeks, my parents flew in and have been taking care of us by cooking, cleaning, babysitting, etc.  I really need to get back to a budget now, try making dinner a few times a week if I can.
  2. Decluttering - I can no longer have children, so I will be selling all of my baby stuff in our storage and let me tell you - it is a LOT of stuff!  I may even open my ebay store back up to sell all of the clothes and even my clothes because I've lost 29 pounds being sick!
  3. Health - if health wasn't important to me already, it is VERY important now.  I can not stand medications and what they do to my body, so I decided to quit them and find natural things for my pain and I have been able to find a lot of things to help me.  I want to experiment more with natural things.  I would also like to continue to lose weight since I'm down 29 pounds the past few months and it feels great!
  4. Political & Social Issues - we are gearing up for what looks to be a wild Presidential election next year and I will share who I like and why.  I also want to blog about the gender confusion, gay marriage and what that means to us as Christians and how I feel we should approach it all.
  5. Recipes - there are some foods I can no longer have, so I have to try new recipes and plan on sharing as I go as I've done in the past with my recipe reviews and meal plans.  I no longer freezer cook as I feel it may have contributed to health problems, but that is my theory anyway.  I lean towards fresh foods and meals made daily now with fresh ingredients.

I'm sure there will be more but those are at the top of my list right now!

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Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

I look forward to your up and coming blog posts. :-)

Bev said...

Thanks Joyful CH! :-)

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you're back and look forward to reading your new posts! I'm so sorry you've been sick. I've thought about you a bit since you shut down your blog a few months ago and have been praying for you.

One of my favorite books for natural health is "Naturally Healthy Babies and Children".

Mrs. Chrissy T said...


What a great platform. We must be twins because I was thinking today about setting a platform or ground of blogging ideas to help me stay consistent with blogging. Kind of have a base so I know what my focus is. I may even do a daily theme unless the Lord directs different. Blessings to you. Glad your back

Bev said...

Thank you so much Jessica for praying!

Chrissy, we are definitely on the same wavelength a lot lol!

Tricia said...

Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear you have had health problems! I will be praying for you and look forward to reading your upcoming posts!
Tricia in Chicago

Bev said...

Hey Tricia, good to "see" you again! ;-)

tealady said...

So very happy to have you back, it's nice to have like minded Christian women to have a place to discuss our beliefs. To wonderful women who have no issues about staying home and putting God and family first in our lives.I get asked why at my age 53 and all our children gone why I am not working I tell them I do work. Even if I didn't have health reasons I still wouldn't work outside the home. My husband is 60 and plans to retire in less than 18 months, I plan one making his life easier for him to work. Plus as we always get older our bodies slow down and he is staying up with guys half his age.

Bev said...

That is awesome tealady thanks for sharing!

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