Monday, January 11, 2016

January Grocery Expenditures

I'm starting to try and cut down our grocery budget after over a year or so of not tracking what we spend.  We have easily spent upwards of $500 a month for food EEK!  That is what it costs if you don't make homemade things and I just can't bear to spend that much anymore and my health is allowing me to do more things in the kitchen now thankfully.

We needed to stock up on some meat this month and I came across my buy price for chicken breast, which is $1.99 a pound and so glad I did because we needed some.  The ground beef we buy is always expensive as we only buy organic grass fed beef, so we try and only use 1 pound per week.  We have been eating fish for the past 4 months or so and enjoying it, so we now eat fish 1-2 times a week.  What I need to add in more of is our meatless meals that have been sorely lacking because of the time required to cook the beans, etc.  I do plan on making more this month.

I spent $248 in our first grocery shopping trip for this monthly cycle and almost $100 of that was stocking up.  I'm trying to only spend $100 for the rest of the month, which would put us at $350 a month for food.  I eventually want to get it down to $250 but it will take a lot of work and planning.  One reason is because most of the meals I used to make when we ate very frugal were tomato-based recipes and I can't do tomatoes anymore, or at least not that much!  They are very irritating to the bladder and they promote inflammation in the body, along with white potatoes, green/red peppers and eggplant.  I've noticed that eliminating these inflammatory vegetables helps my pain.  I've switched to eating sweet potatoes when the rest of the family eats white potatoes and it is working.  Every now and then I crave potato chips and have some but I usually pay for it.

Here is a list of what I've bought for this month for $248.  I have $100 for milk, bread and produce for the rest of the month.

Meat - $88.40
17 lbs. chicken breast - $33.79
4 lbs. (16) chicken breast burgers - $12.12
Chicken breast nuggets - $10.54
2 lbs. organic grass-fed ground beef - $11.96
2 lbs. Wild Alaskan salmon - $10
2 lbs. Wild Alaskan cod - $9.99

Dairy & Eggs - $42.83
1 gal. Organic whole milk - $5.69
1 gal. Organic 2% milk - $5.69
Vanilla Caramel creamer - $3
2 lbs. Tillamook cheddar cheese - $6.99
16 oz. cottage cheese - $2.16
24-ct string cheese - $3.96
16 Laughing Cow cheese wedges - $3.96
11 Yoplait yogurts - $5.39

Produce - $41.87
4 lbs. bananas - $2.91
Organic Fuji apples - $3.32
30 oz. blueberries - $4.99
2 lbs. organic baby carrots - $2.99
10 oz. organic chopped kale - $2.99
1 lb. organic salad mix - $5
3 organic romaine hearts - $3
Organic ginger root - $2.99
5 lbs. white potatoes - $0.98
2 lbs. yams - $1.42
3 small avocados - $2.34
3 lbs. organic green beans (frozen) - $4.98
95 oz. applesauce, unsweetened - $3.96

Frozen - $14.04
Frozen pizza - $3.99
Burritos - $2.95
5 lbs. crinkle- cut fries - $4.48
Ice cream - $2.62

Other - $60.85
Chips - $2.82
22 oz. organic tortilla chips - $5.96
15 oz. pretzels - $1.81
18 oz. Cheerios - $2.48
24 granola bars - $5
1 lb. lasagna noodles - $1.79
4 boxes organic mac/cheese - $5
2 packages of seaweed - $3.34
5 oz. croutons - $1.99
1 lb. organic tofu - $1.99
1 qt. Oat milk - $2.37
Half gallon Soymilk - $3.28
Organic salad dressing - $2.69
2 ketchups no HFCS - $3.92
48 oz. pickles - $3.98
1 lb. peanuts - $1.98
24 ct. flour tortillas - $2.98
3 loaves bread - $7.47

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Sharon said...

I just received an electric pressure cooker for Christmas. It is suppose to make short work of beans, and allow you to get cheaper cuts of meat tender very quickly. Have you ever looked into those?

Bev said...

I have seen those but no, I don't have one. I used to do my beans in the crockpot but forgot about that, you just reminded me!! Thanks Sharon! :) The only thing about using a crockpot is the beans don't get a change of water to help cut down on the gas-producing ingredients in the beans. I suppose I could soak the beans overnight and then just cook them less on the crockpot or do the stove-top method for quick cooking and change the water and cook them in the crockpot the rest of the way.

Just in case anyone was wondering how to do them in a crockpot:

6qt. crockpot
4 cups beans
12 cups water

4 hours on high OR 8-10 hours on low

Jessica said...

You can make sweet potato chips in a dehydrator. Delicious!
I switch the water when I soak beans in the crock pot. I also add apple cider vinegar to the soak water. No gas! :)

Bev said...

I don't have a dehydrator but maybe I should look into the price because I really miss chips! I bought some sweet potatoes chips but they were expensive compared to potato chips.

How do you switch the water? Do you do it halfway or something? Thanks Jessica!

Denise Finochiaro said...

So glad you are feeling better! I know EXACTLY how you feel, at least with the gall bladder thing. Mine died too and I had it removed three years ago. It was the begining of chronic illness for me. It turned my whole world upside down and I haven't been the same since. Although I am doing better now that I have been working with a naturopathic dr and seeking treatment outside of the "modern medicine" world. I need to get a better handle on my grocery budget as well. We eat pretty healthy and it's just me and my husband, but I can easily spend $350 a month for our groceries. However that amount is dropping since I have realized I am not allergic to gluten after three years of being on a gluten free diet at the suggestion of my primary care dr. Pray for me and I pray for you. We will survive!!!

Bev said...

So sorry you had the same problem too Denise - I wonder what happened to us and our gallbladders!? I've only met one other person who had the same issue of a non-functioning gallbladder and she has had numerous health issues too and is allergic to many, many things food-wise but she is doing better after years of suffering. Finding out what foods she was allergic to and then she eliminated those, has helped her. I still haven't figured out what or if I'm allergic to foods but I have a very long list of medications I'm allergic too, and my skin is allergic to many things and latex, etc. so seems like I would be allergic to food too probably.

I tried a naturopath and they didn't tell me much that I already didn't know and some of the things they put me on, flared up my bladder pain. It is hard to treat the rest of my body with things and find something that won't flare up my bladder pain. It is driving me nuts! =0

I've thought of eliminating gluten but I could never do it, so I had an idea to just eat tons of gluten and see what happened for a few days and I was fine LOL! So, I'm guessing I do ok with it.

Denise Finochiaro said...

I have never met many people who have endured the same thing I have since having my gall bladder removed. Most people I know never have any issues afterward and resume a "normal life" and eat a "normal" diet. I have had people tell me that they know they need to have there gall bladders removed but have seen what I have been through and they are scared to death to have the surgery. I always tell people not to let my experience scare them because I seem to be the exception to the rule. My naturpath only has me on one supplement to help me digest fat better and she does acupuncture on me. That really works!!! I was skeptical at first but I have seen great improvement since doing it on a regular basis. I also see a massage therapist on a regular basis who works wonders too.

I went gluten free for three years at the "suggestion" of my pcp doctor because my digestive symptoms were so bad I couldnt function. I never really saw much improvement and my weight plummeted borderline under weight status. I have recently been eating gluten again and have realized I am not allergic to it PRAISE GOD!!! I have no issues at all when I eat it. Gluten free is SUPER hard to follow so I am so excited that I can go back to eating "real" food again. Especially bread!!!

Bev said...

Denise - could you share what supplement it is? I need something to help me. I may also look into acupuncture, I think it is covered by my insurance.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...


That is a great stock up. I understand cutting as I am in that as well. I have to. We don't even have a choice. I used to love reading your menu planning, freezer cooking, and such. I made a Master Shopping list because of you.

Good Job!!

Bev said...

Thanks Chrissy! :)

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