Sunday, July 24, 2016

Video: Instant Pot Water Test

I thought my Instant Pot was broke because I did the water test they recommended and it took longer than 15 minutes, it took over 30!  However, I, like many others, found the directions to be misleading.  It says fill to the 3 mark - but they meant CUPS not LITERS - silly me had filled to the liters mark.  So, I redid the test and it worked great and I videoed it in hopes of helping someone else out there with this test!

I'm still not sure why my food is having issues cooking in the recipe times.  I did read that unless you are at sea level, you will need to add a few minutes the higher up you are.  I have no idea what altitude we are at, but I'm going to find out and see if that might add on 2 minutes or so of cooking time to the recipes.  I'm still not giving up on the Instant Pot yet - more tests to come!

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Sharon said...

If that doesn't remedy it, I would call the manufacturer. Hope it works out!

Bev said...

From what I understand they just have a voicemail and they prefer to help you through email. If it doesn't work with my cooking tests this week, I'm just going to send it back and either try another one or buy the Cuisinart one.

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